Kevin EAKIN released by BILLS

Kevin EAKIN was released by the Buffalo Bills today. Boy...Wasn't that a shock....

On a more interesting note, former standout Michigan Wolverine Qb - Drew Henson - was also cut...would be cool to see him in CFL.

Actually, I'm MORE INTERESTED to see where Kevin will look for another OPPORTUNITY to ply his trade.

And, YES, it was a SHOCK to me, I thought Kevin was MORE than CAPABLE of making a Roster.


you WOULD have FOOLED me.

Kevin Eakin will be an Argo very soon.

The Argos have their own Eakin--Mike McMahon.

Every team should have one.

An Argo-Cat fan

Bottom Line wrote:"Drew Henson - was also cut...would be cool to see him in CFL."

BottomLine: Why????
Henson also could not cut it with the Cowboys either in Dallas or when the Cowboys farmed him out to the NFL Europe to get some more experience.
What possible reason is there for having him in the CFL? He should have stuck to baseball.

In a related, equally-uninteresting story, I did some laundry today.

Well I hope someone signs him just so I can listen to Chuck Swirski run his mouth on how Henson is going to go crazy and shred every CFL record to pieces.

Simply shocking

Poor Timmy Chang. If he does start on Labour Day, and doesn't deliver a spectacular performance resulting in a 25 + point Ticat win, people on this site will already start crying:


I watched Eakin play last season. I have to ask, with the stats he put up, why would any NFL team even consider squandering a training camp spot on him?

Seems the NFL bypasses good CFL talent on a yearly basis.

I'd bring Kevin Eakin back in a heartbeat.....he's a much better QB than he was given the chance to show last year with all the turmoil....

He shows awesome leadership skills and poise. He wasn't given much of a chance to really learn the game here.