Kevin Eakin Playing on NFL Network Now

Eakin Made out of 3rd QB Spot

He now starting For the Frankfurt Galaxy

You cab See him play on NFL Network now
Their in 2nd Qrt.

7-12 139 TD 1 1 INT So Far.

Go Kevin...

Just checked Eakin's profile on the Galaxy website. No mention of his time in the CFL.

Probably not worth mentioning, he really did nothing of substance here. I wish he did though, he had potential.

3rd String? Wow thats quite the move from Hamilton Backup.

Im sure it wont matter he'll be starting in the NFL anyday now.

Who cares. Didn't show us anything!

Frankfurt has two QB's--it is hard to be 3rd string. Kevin played only one quarter and went 5 of 9 for 103 yards and one touchdown--6o yarder. It is nice to be playing with quality players at this time. Last season was not worth remembering--for sure, but not because of Kevin's skills or potential. Frankfurt also has a great running game--it really helps. Boxer

Yeah, because clearly:

NFL E players > > > > > > > > > > > > > CFL players


Durring Camp They had 3 Quarterbacks
I Guess they Kept 2 Only. Cut the other guy Guy

Bruce Eugene went to the Berlin team from Frankfurt. Many QB's were cut before they went to Europe and there are some injuries already. Kevin's QB rating was 133 today...not bad for someone that doesn't have what it takes......Boxer

I think he was referring to the 2006 Ticats, not CFL players in general.

Indeed I was!!! Kevin was excited to come to Hamilton to play some football---things just went badly for the team..I wish him well, as he takes on the NFLEurope challenge

Stupid reading comprehension :frowning:

Wow! Can someone also tell me what Jon Beutjer is up to? I'm really interested in what these past Ticats who did nothing in Hamilton are doing with their superior football skills! (sarcasm)

Add in Ben Sankey while you're at it, or maybe Pete Gonzalez.........

Is it OK to make posts about Calvillo? There's another guy that did nothing here, but he sure gets brought up a lot as an example of where the Cats guessed wrong on a guy.

So far away just to sit on the bench again.
Could have done that in the CFL or AFL somewhere and saved the airfare.

Pretty hard to throw a touchdown and have a rating of 133 from the bench :roll:

Give it up!

Meh. Seriously, who cares about NFLE?

Obviously you and crash seem to have an interest! :roll:

As do you with Eakins. Not that there's anything wrong with that.