Kevin Challenger - Randee Drew

Als have added Challenger to the practice roster. Hes a Montrealer who was highly touted in his draft year but has not as yet made his CFL mark. Released in training camp by Edmonton, we might be picking his brains a little in regards to Strassers offence. Also I guess we have to start auditions for Ben`s position down the road.
Edmonton has released Drew, always liked him, but he is more a halfback type than cornerback, and tends to be injury prone.

I was going to write the exact same thing lol...

My strong feeling is that when Cahoon retires, we'll fill his spot with an import. So I doubt Challenger is in the mix one way or another.

As for Drew, good player, but we're set at halfback on either side. Unless Randee is happy being a backup for less money, I don't see it being a good fit.

Instead of signing Recievers that have not been able to crack a couple teams already. I would prefer the Als bring in a kicker to compete with Duval he's starting to look like Mat Kellet in his last season.

Challenger is a good pickup! He was highly rated coming out of Boston Collere and, the Als do have a need to get some Canadian talent at the receiver position!

Challenger est sans doute une solution temporaire. Le gars qui va "remplacer" Cahoon (même s'il est irremplaçable), c'est Bratton. Les Alouettes cherchent sans doute plutôt quelqu'un pour remplir le rôle que Bratton joue actuellement. Mais il y a aussi Maypray, Desriveaux et Carter dans le décor, pour ne nommer que ceux-là.

Ça fait toutefois plaisir de voir que les Alouettes veulent donner une chance aux gars d'ici de se faire valoir.

Bonne chance Kevin!