Kevin Challenger could be the next Ben Cahoon????

I hate to think of next season, but I'am relaying some important information from south of the border. The Als are stupid if they don't take Kevin Challenger who plays as a slot receiver for Boston College in next years draft. Even better he's from Montreal. He looked great versus Clemson last week in front of over 80,000 Clemson fans. Boston College is stacked at receiver this year and if they wait til after next season I'am afraid it will be too late. Francois Brochu a long snapper from Boston College was taken in the second round of the CFL draft by Toronto, and honestly he sucks. I hope Kevin Challenger becomes a future Alouette. Boston College has a history of creating CFLers. Remember that guy Doug Flutie? Paul Peterson, Sandro Sciortino, George White, Marc Parenteau, T.J. Stancil, Francois Brochu(will be) and Darren Flutie. I think thats the reason why i love Boston College so much. And maybe because i've played with a lot of those guys.

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Tell me what you think and don't forget who pointed this guy out first.

Sounds like a good one. Montreal Cegeps (preUniversity) have been producing some outstanding players for Canadian and U.S. University's, the best in the Country. And Boston College does produce alot of CFLers. Anyway I'm sure Jim Popp knows about him and has an eye on him.
I don't know if he is in Ben Cahoon's league, who probably has the best hands and runs the best routes in the CFL. But we'll see. He was outstanding at Vanier College and sounds like he's playing great at BC.
Thanks for the heads up!

topic title: Kevin Challenger could be the next Ben Cahoon????

Answer: Dave Stalla is already doing a great job and replaced Cahoon very well when he was injured.

Problem is in Mtl right now, we are not having any problems at the SB & WR position...

But if Cahoon retires at the end of the season like he said last year, he could be a nice replacement...

As Snowy said Stala is doing a great job, a taller "Cahoon" that will see the ball a lot next year...

Yeah, I'm a Stala groupie :wink:

What Cahoon whants to retire?
First I hear of this!!!!!!

I’m only stating what he said after not getting the job at BYU last winter.

He came back, but was saying this might be his last year with the Al’s, as he wants to move on in his professional career.

I’ll post the weblink once i find the article from the off-season.

Cahoon was looking for a job as a coach in a american university(BY ?? dont remember wich one...). If it had worked as he wanted, he would not play this year with the Als.

edit. Xgamer beat me to it :smiley:

What I think Cahoon said when he came back was that he was STARTING to examine the options for his future career. He said that he did not feel like retiring anytime now, but that the chance of becoming a coach at his Alta Mater school would probably not present itself twice, so he explored the possibility when it was there. He wanted to be on BYU's radar. I don't think he's in a hurry to go. He's not looking for ways out.

And to stay on the topic, can a Challenger fill a true Champion shoes?

Kevin Challenger should receive more palying time this week versus Ball State. Will post my opinion. In fall ball really put a hurtin on the BC defense. Just think he would be a perfect CFL fit, has good hands and runs great routes.

Here is an update on Kevin Challenger’s play. Made some big catches last week versus Virginia, and made an acrobatic catch versus Wake Forest in the end zone for a win versus Wake Forest. Kevin has really progressed this season. Kevin has the best hands on the team. I don’t know if you guys know about the rain we have been getting in New England, but he has made all the big catches in the pouring rain. I even talked to him after the Virginia game about him playing for the Alouettes, and he said, “let’s see if they willl draft me first.” I have scouted many players and he is not the best receiver that i seen, but he plays with heart and that you can’t measure. I think that he would easily become a fan favorite and know that he could fill Ben Cahoon’s shoes if he retires.

Even if Kevin isn't drafted, he could always contact any CFL team (preferably the Al's) and ask when the Rookie's camp starting...he could show up & end up making the a guy did in BC...can't remember his name....

Since he's a "local", i'm sure it could gather media attention :slight_smile: