Kerwin Bell New Head Coach at Jacksonville (NCAA)

Kerwin Bell New Head Coach at Jacksonville (NCAA)

This guy had a good run in the CFL. I think he’ll make a great coach.

Hope Kerwin teaches the Jax receivers how to PROPERLY spike the football during a TD celebration…


I was a big fan of Kerwin... i remember him running the John Huard Jumbo offence very well.

Infact i remember 3 consecutive sacks to start a

I remember sitting behind the visiting bench at Ivor Wynne years ago and heckeling him a fair amount. And he was the first and only player I've seen actually start laughing at what we were saying ...

Good luck Kerwin, I hope you still have that amazing mustache!

Check out all the info:

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I think they need to post that clip of Bell spiking the ball into his "groinal area".

a more self-absorbed, me-first, stats-hungry guy has never been seen in our league.
i remember glen suitor posting a graphic during a game (in fact i have it on tape) in which kerwin used the personal pronoun "i" 10 or 11 times in a two or three-sentence quote.
in fact, when rookie head coach pinball traded kerwin to winnipeg after a particularly petulant rant (he eventually reacquired him), he uncharacteristically commented publicly on kerwin's selfish nature.
and, in fact, kerwin was never officially an offensive co-ordinator, no matter what he says down there. he was merely a quarterback who had more than the usual input into the game plan. when he returned to toronto from the bombers, the argos happened to be using the same scheme from before the trade.
two other things:
— he could take a pounding, he was tough
— kerwin, buddy, lose the silly comb-over, please!