Kerwin Bell Classic

Anybody remember this from a couple of years ago?

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Poor Kerwin mashes his own potatos...

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But Coach! I hit myself in the nuts!!!!

AND he drew a penalty.... ouch all around.

That's hilarious, thanks Yossarian!

Given his popularity with this team mates, I'm sure they liked that spike too.

An Argo fan

He probably had a good laugh about it himself. He had a classic line about Danny and Danny's running ability.

Something like "you don't use a stopwatch to time use a calendar".

Kerwin is a very successful high school football coach here in Ocala Florida. His team is "once again" undefeated. No doubt, he has not shown his team this video.

Last night, TSN did a rundown of the top ten sports nut shots. All the classics were there, everything from Hans Moleman to that extremely unlucky MLB umpire. However, #1 on the countdown? None other than our man, Kerwin Bell.