Kerry Watkins retires...

Unfreakinbelievable. First Bellefeuille, then Glenn now Cobourne. That east semi is just getting more and more historical or hysterical anyway you look at it. :stuck_out_tongue:

ENOUGH with Deslauriers! He got his chance: the WHOLE 2008 season as the starter on the wide side of the field. He played in an offense that scored 610 points, had the MOP in Calvillo who threw for over 5600 yards and 43 touchdown passes. There were 3 receivers with 1000 yards or more (Cahoon, Richardson, Watkins).

What did Deslauriers do in the best offense in the CFL that same year?

12 catches for 89 yards and no touchdowns.

Since Bratton took over his spot in 2009, he gets 500-600 yards every season in 2009, 2010 and 2011. If Deslauriers was an import, he would have been cut 5 years ago. No more talk of Deslauriers!!!!!!!!!

That's why we use him as a "snow plow" I like London myself.

To reply to my own post, Avon was definitely released by the Ticats. At this point, I don't know who would be interested, considering his new (and inflated!) salary. While I think he still has some gas left in the tank, there would be salary cap issues for any interested team. Evidently, Cobourne requested to be released, according to TSN.

Great as he was last season, I still think that Whitaker needs a reliable back-up, and the running game must be very much in the mix for us to have a successful 2012 season. Of note, and possibly of interest to the Als, Mullinder was also released.

Sorry for getting off the topic, but I just saw this news about Cobourne today.

and while we're off-topic Duval got released by Eskimos. With Sean's FG kicking and Duval's punting we'd have an awesome kicking force. :stuck_out_tongue:

HfxTC. .. I'll admit I'm speculating here, but here's how I think it went down.

Obie signs Mallett. He's younger and thus Obie sees him as having more upside. But, given the Kenton Keith experience (when he came back from the NFL and was but a pale shadow of his former CFL self), he wanted to hedge his bets. .. so he told Avon that there'll be a competition in training camp for the starter's job (with Grant likely solid as the backup), and that means the winner starts and the loser gets released. To be fair to Avon, Obie gave him the choice. .. compete in training camp knowing that if Mallett beats you out, you'll be released at that time. .. or you can be released now giving you more time to line up something else.

Avon chose the latter. .. again I'm speculating, but perhaps Avon chose to be released now as opposed to later, on the basis that he thinks if he signs in Edmonton or Saskatchewan his chances are better there to be the starter; Messam is questionable in Edmonton, and he likely thinks his chances are pretty good of beating out Cates in Regina.

Like I said, I'm just speculating.

What I noticed, though, was that some Hamilton fans seem to have assumed that Obie signed Mallett and then promptly cut Avon loose, and I don't think that's how it went down.

Yeah that makes sense. Obie wanted his cake and eat it too. The thing is Cobourne has been around long enough to know that even if he had a better camp he would be released. Follow the money... The only way they would have kept him is if Mallett hurt himself. Also the risk of Avon getting hurt in camp. He's better to go to some team who wants him. I think he will be playing somewhere. He's a hell of a back and I think he had a great season. Tiger-Cats have had issues running the ball consistantly with both Cobbs and Cobourne. Avon still managed to be the number tow "dual threat" in the league a hair behind Brandon and his blocking was superb.

What salary cap issues? He was released. To my knowledge he is free to sign a new contract with any other team. And highly unlikely anyone else will sign him for the $135k TiCats did last season.

Ssshhh. Leave sleeping dogs lie!