Kerry Watkins retires...

Thanks Kerry for all the wonderful years, and beautiful catches!! Never forget you!! #81 :rockin:

I also would like to thank Watkins for his contributions.

As for a replacement I would like to see Jason Barnes brought in as a breakaway threat, something I still feel we lack. But I suspect he reconnects with Ricky Ray with the Argos.

Better that it end this way; he probably knew that in order to come back, he would have to take a substantial pay reduction. Good decision.Good luck to him.

We have enough WR/SB on the roster; we don't need a Jason Barnes.

The retirement of Watkins will most definitely free up no less than than $75,000 and as much as $90,000 in "cap space". Let's hope for a good/dominant DE; we can also extend Brandon Whitaker. Funds will be available for free agent such as Donald Oramasionwu.


Funny Cats sign Martell Mallett....uh oh Avon!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if he licks Popp's shoes clean, would he take him back!

Good move, Kerry, walk away before your game really deteriorates. IMO he had already lost a step last season and I am very glad that he himself realized that the game wasn't going to be any kinder to him going forward. Good luck in all your endeavors -- you may not have had the greatest hands, but you ran routes like a mofo, and you were a consistent 1000-yard man for many years here. :thup:

you may not have had the greatest hands, but you ran routes like a mofo, and you were a consistent 1000-yard man for many years here. :thup:
You got that right!!! So many times he was alone down field, and AC had to just float the ball down field to him!

His biggest catch IMHO: Grey Cup 2009. The last one before the last FG attempt. Couldn't have wished it on a better guy. :thup:

Guess I was off with the Flory thing, dunno how i sensed that Someone was retiring soon. sorry. :?

Finally got a signed AC grey cup 2009 framed pic at the Bell Centre. No one had bid on it. Glad the Habs are stinking if that's all the appreciation their fans have for him. :thdn:

After that TD he ran down the als throat at the east semi and all the boasting after the game, he'd have to lick a lot more than that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone who wants to thank or send Kerry their best wishes can do it here.

I hope the Als will fly him in for a game and let the fans say Goodbye properly! IMO he's been one of the greats, just lost in the shuffle of Anthony and Ben.

I don't see the fit in Montreal anymore. Whitaker had an outstanding season, really topnotch, and pretty much put his stamp on the starting RB spot. Avon coming back would just create unnecessary controversy, and for what? A running back on the wrong side of 30 who lost not one opportunity to talk trash about his former team last season? He'd be just a backup here, so why go through that hassle?

Well, he definitely lost a step last year, no doubt due to injury. I echo the sentiments on this forum and thank Kerry for his contributions to a great Als receiving corps. Now, I hope that Brandon London keeps progressing to keep that receiving corps a potent threat on offence.

Did I hear right that Avon was cut by the Ticats?

Not aware of that but they will have a decision to make. In spite of the east semi loss Popp did right by letting him go for the salary he was asking. Dunno which team would want him now.

Depends on salary expectations and the progression of Emmanuel Marc. Avon is still a great back. #3 in the league last year in yards from scrimmage behind Brandon and JR. I am not suggesting taking Brandon' job away but Avon has 3 years in the Als system. He also has a great relationship with Brandon and they work well together.

However he may have options in Saskatchewan or elsewhere. His twitter account as gone dark since he was told by Hamilton that they were going with Mallett.

Dude I can't believe I find out about this site just after he retired. He answered me and everything.

Grey Cup 2005 OT was his most embarassing moment but fortunately (and unfortunately) the play wouldn't count except for a penalty. :cry: C'est la vie.

Yeah, super guy… I think he’s walking away early but its tough to run businesses and play football at the same time.

especially canadian football with the salaries they're paid to get the snot beat out of them.

So Brian Chiu decided in 2010 just before training camp. Ben Cahoon decided in late january 2011 and now KW just before free agent deadline. Shows that players really take time to think about it. The idea of physically going through another training camp and season must weigh hard.

This actually frees up some cash for Jim. If Flory and Popp are way off in negos then my dad says jim does not seem willing to spend on him.

Agree with you on this one. It would be a matter of time before he would be complaining he was not the featured back.

I hope S Charbonneau ( Sherbrooke CIS ) is available when our team makes its first selection. This is a big fast player who averaged 95 yards per game scoring 8 Tds. Another great receiver coming out of the CIS is J Felli Gudino. He had some great seasons at Laval but the Argos picked him last season. Deslauriers made some neat catches last season including AC’s record breaker. He just might impress if given an opportunity.

Cobourne back at a reduced salary?

We're getting off topic a bit but I didn't want to start up a whole new thread on Cobourne's release in Hamilton. . .

Anyone other than me find this ironic?

Last season, we had one poster whine all season about how Cobourne was "released' and "disrespected." Of course, neither were true; he wasn't released, he left as a free agent; and far from being disrespected, he was guaranteed the starter's job by Trestman should he choose to stay. No matter how many times any of us tried to point that out, said poster simply refused to acknowledge the reality.

Now, go and take a look at the Ticats' boards on Cobourne's release. . . Much the same is happening over there. . . Cobourne ASKED for his release from the Cats and there are some posters over there who are not recognizing that reality either.

Why is it that this seems to happen whenever Cobourne is involved ??

What are you talking about ? He was given the choice between being released and something else which Obilovich didn't have the stones to divulge. Has nothing to do with last year. They hired another running back and gave him his job... For all we know the choice could have been I can release you or try and trade you and if not successful we will release you. or We can release you or you can take a 50 percent pay cut... He didn't ask, he was given a choice between ugly and ugly.