I feel sad for that dude he is just soo freaky ugly...dam i cry whenever see him I just hope he has a girlfriend if not im not surprised but anways the renegades lost again because there so un consistant they play good everyones all yay they won ugly sloppy but then they play bad and loose important im just po'd man they looked ugly tonight.

this is ridiculous

I guess that's what you get when your team gets smoked 41-18 in the biggest game in the Renegades history.

ya this is pointless

Ya pointless, we all know watkins is ugly.......Good game Als btw, that defence is starting to look scary ugly again, which is bad news for the rest of us.

Don't listen to this... it's pointless... I'm a Gades fan, and this guy has the number 16 beside his name... I think it's for Woodcock, who is the worst pickup in the history of the Gades. If Woodcock were only a quarter of the player that Watkins is, then maybe this guy could have something to say.

Typical Ottawa fan. When they lose they try and make fun of the players that just beat you. Tie Domi, Eddy Belfour, now Watkins. When will the people of Ottawa except that there teams will never beat the likes of Montreal and Toronto. Sad, truely sad.

Smyth Cam my post excludes you.

lol... thanx Argo Champs

It’s difficult for people in Ottawa not to make fun of people who aren’t as good looking as them.

Everyone in Ottawa looks like a Greek god or goddess, you know!

Smyth_cam, I think you Ottawa fans are being a little harsh on Woodcock. Last year, the whole team sucked. This year, he just isn’t getting the ball. When he does get it, he usually makes the play. I simply don’t understand making such a song and dance about signing a receiver and then relegating him to being a decoy in most of your offensive schemes. Hey, when Pat’s contract is up, let him come back to my Als! We can always use a quality Canadian receiver.

But I do agree with you that attacking a player’s looks is mean-spirited and juvenile. This is football, not modelling school. Watkins is having an outstanding year and should be in the running for rookie of the year if he keeps it up. The touchdown he scored against Ottawa on Friday was largely due to his speed and effort at blowing past DBs and finding the end zone. The guy has just raised his game about five notches this year and that’s the most important thing, not some douchebag’s comments about his looks.

[b]I agree. It's not cool to make fun of someones personal features. People have made fun of Jason Maas in this forum as well because of his ears and even thogh some of the remarks are somewhat humerous, they're still cruel.

Having said that, I take jibes at Macioca not because of his features but rather his persona. He reminds me of a kid on the sidelines when the Eskies are down. I keep waiting for him to jump up and down and hold his breath until he turns blue. (Not blue and gold KK) You see...I'm not making fun of his looks per say, but rather his persona.

On the other hand Mathews in Montreal has a different persona when he is p_ssed off. The Don does his impression of Sissy Spacek in the movie Carrie. You can feel the stadium shake and imagine red dripping down the walls.

Of course there are a variety of personas in the coaching ranks, but I leave the rest up to my fellow posters to describe.[/b]

I wonder how good Renegade16 would look if he had family in New Orleans like Kerry Watkins does.

Come to think of it I wonder if Renegade16 even knows about New Orleans

gotta love ugly people :mrgreen: