Kerry Watkins Complaints In Today`s La Presse

Watkins not happy with his lack of involvement in the Als offense and the "lack of variety in the offensive attack."

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I certainly agree with the second complaint. As I`ve said before we are relying far too much on the short passes to Richardson and Green.

Yesterday Trestman in his daily press conference available on RDS stated that it is much tougher for the Als passing game because all teams are now playing man, rather than the zone defenses he saw when he first entered the league. All the more reason to become a little more creative.

Well...there you go
Watkins complains about Tresvillo and the blinkered 2-horse passing attack
He'll be booted just like Cobourne was...
For being right
And being so frustrated he couldn't stay quiet

Watkins is entirely correct
Defenses are not stupid
We're simply not stretching the field
And passing on almost every down
To Richardson and Green

Richardson is breaking records....hooray
In the meantime the team is fighting for their lives
Hobbled by stubbornness and rigidity

Trestman's answer?
The same answer Cavillo gave to Cahoon's exact same complaints last year:

Trestman a insisté pour dire que ce dernier demeurait un élément important de l'attaque. Mais le pilote a également souligné que les ailiers espacés étaient rarement satisfaits de leur sort.
[i](Trestman insists that Watkins remains an important element of the attack. But the coach also pointed out that receivers are rarely happy with their lot.)[/i]

But the kicker and most damning statement was to follow:

Il doit comprendre que les succès de l'équipe passent avant les siens
[i](he has to understand that the team's success comes before his own)[/i]

No coach worth his salt will assume publicly that a player is complaining "merely" because he's selfishly unhappy with how he's being used...and can dismiss out of hand...sound and reasonable complaints about how a lack of balance and variety to the offence is hurting the team.

I've appreciated what Trestman has done over the years.
3 Cup appearances and 2 wins cannot be discounted or denied.
But this blinkered self-serving attitude is tantamount to throwing talented veterans under a bus
To use a current expression
Watkins is gone
Good luck finding another deep threat with his route running abilities

But hell
What do we care?
We've got the Giant's Dance

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Just curious, where does it say Watkins is gone?!

I said it
Just 1 post ago
Count on it

I hope that he won't be back and I said that many months ago; he should catch the ball when it's thrown to him and stop crying. Our offense is still,and by far, the best in the league and not because of Watkins.

No other CFL team-je sais,vieille rengaine- dresses 5 import receivers.-I exclude the KR- I would rather have/dress an additional DB or additional LB and even an additional RB,rather than Watkins; it would not hurt us offensively and improve our special team. We don't need a $150,000 or so WR who touches the ball a few times a game.

Bye,Bye Kerry; happy retirement,because no team will sign him in 2012.


That's how you thank the org that nine games you paying you in full for a non football related operation.

But Richard, trust me on this. Trestman is going to dress another import in his place next year...

Agreed with Richard and Hfx. Watkins just signed his own ticket out of town, and if he thinks another team is going to pay him six figures to drop passes and never get open, he's got another thing coming.

He has the nerve to complain about our (top-ranked) offense (most points, best QB, top receiver, top running back, two 1000-yard receivers in G&R) when he drops passes thrown right into his numbers, doesn't hustle back to balls, and doesn't seem to have the extra burst of speed to get open consistently anymore.

I thought Kerry would be smarter than this. The offense has moved on without him, he's on the wrong side of 30, and his numbers this year are awful. Hardly the time to be mouthing off about the team that has given him everything this league, for real, everything. He was nothing but a drop machine his first few seasons as an Al but Popp stuck with him, Anthony showed patience, and eventually he became a productive receiver. That said, he's never been a game-breaker in the regular season, and he vanishes in the playoffs. Moreover, he's got hands of stone. Get rid of him in the offseason, I won't lose any sleep over his departure.

But for the fact that Cobourne left as a free agent and was not "booted", unless you consider being guaranteed the starter's role is a "boot."

In any event, given that we replaced Cobourne with a player who is the league's top running back this year, if it turns out that next season Watkins' replacement leads the league in receiving, I'll be content.

The advantage we have here is that Watkins would have value on the trade market. Given his productivity this season, I am confident that Bratton and London will compensate quite nicely. . . now maybe if BC would let us have Keron Williams back in exchange for Watkins. . .

Last offseason you said much the same thing about Cobourne. . . that the team wouldn't find a running back as good as him in terms of rushing, blocking, and receiving.

Well guess what? They did.

Deep threats with good route running abilities graduate from US colleges every year. I'm fairly certain Popp will find us a few.

Yup, all the talk was about how Cobourne was irreplaceable. I'd say Brandon Whitaker has quashed that talk quite firmly with his excellent breakout season.

Deep threats with good route running abilities graduate from US colleges every year. I'm fairly certain Popp will find us a few.
No kidding. Speed wide receivers are a dime a dozen. And it's not like Watkins had sticky hands or anything. We'll be fine without him. In fact, I think London will be a good replacement.

I'm not sold on London yet. He's looked good, but nothing spectacular as of yet. He certainly deserves a shot next year, I wouldn't be looking to dump the guy or anything. . . but if someone better comes along. . .

And that is as it should be.

Cahoon retired, and that allowed SJ Green to blossom into the receiver he has become. Cobourne left and that allowed Whitaker to blossom into what he has become. Watkins leaving may open the door in a similar fashion to London or someone else we do not yet know.

If I recall correctly, Watkins dropped several passes in the WPG game as he did in his other games this year. He does, however, deserve recognition for his superb performances past during his years with the Als. I agree with Richard and D+P that he could be in his last year with the team based on his sub par performance this season. London, who is behind KW on the official roster, has been demonstrating that he does belong with the team. In the past few games London has shown his mettle and, he holds on to passes better, as compared to KW.

I respect Richard's opinion re the excess number of import receivers on this squad.I do believe the team's most unfilled need is that of a non import receiver. Looking at the CIS, there is a good receiver at the U of Sherbrooke- Charbonneau who could be that candidate. He was one of the best CIS receivers last year. At present there are actually several receivers who are ahead of him with respect to pass yards completed. I am not familiar with these prospective candidates but, I am with Charbonneau, who is the leading receiver with respect to TDs- eight to date. He presently averages 92 ypg averaging 16 yards per catch. Last season he was a one of the top receivers in the nation and he has the speed to go long.

I often wonder if the team scouts the CIS properly? In the past two years they have passed over receivers who are presently making their mark in the CFL. This, while Carrying Desriveraux who does not even play special teams because of his small stature. The CIS does have a huge history in sending its receivers to the CFL. The addition of a CIS grad to our team would result in one extra import, most likely to the defensive squad.

I realized you said it. And yes he may be gone, but not because he is unhappy. Money will be the reason.

Bye,Bye Kerry; happy retirement,because no team will sign him in 2012.
A CFL team will sign him! But not for the money he is making now.

And while you made mention of Watkins being released when he was on the IR, it never materialized!

But Green was just like London at this stage in his career. He wasn't anything special in his first year on the roster. But the year after, he started splitting playing time with Cahoon, and we saw the potential.

No, London hasn't blown me away, but he's shown a few things IMO:

He has better hands than Kerry Watkins (not difficult, I grant you).

He can make contested catches in traffic, which Watkins rarely does -- either Kerry gets open on a speed cut and makes a catch or it's an incompletion.

He doesn't have breakaway speed, but he's made at least one highlight-reel catch this season (the deep ball from McPherson). So he has some ability to beat defenders one on one on deep routes.

He's solid at getting yards after catch, which is pretty important in a Trestman offense.

He has the size and strength to battle through man coverage.

As you say, we'll see what happens. But I like what I've seen from him so far.

There is also Derrell Johnson who's a top notch prospect and big guy. Will be interesting to see how he does and there is one of the guys who made the team at training camp before hurting himself who is supposed to be back for Training camp as well. Fantuzi who may be a FA, I'm sure he will get an offer.

Are you talking about Slaughter, or Jerry Porter, or someone else? My memory is failing in my old age. :slight_smile:

Fantuzi who may be a FA, I'm sure he will get an offer.
He'll get offers if he hits free agency, but I doubt we'll land him. Trestman doesn't seem interested at all in starting a NI receiver, which is a shame, because it sure would be nice to be able to dress an extra import defensive lineman or defensive back. Trestman has to start sharing the import wealth with Tibesar next year, it's too slanted toward the offense right now.

Let's not forget BooooooooooooBoooooooooooowling

Would be hilarious to have a receiver nicknamed BoBo. :slight_smile:

Kerry looked nice and loose in practice today. All the players did actually. I was all by my lonesome self enjoying the show.

A feud almost brewed on gostampsgo between Jon Cornish (aka ztella) and one of the mods. Would be something if a player actually came on this board.

I thought I might have heard AC saying: 'Senior Ah Me is a ......" didn't get that last part. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Might have been the wind :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: