Kerry Joseph

Nobody has started a thread, so I'll be the first.

I really appreciate how KJ took responsibility as he spoke with the media. It took a lot of balls to even speak with the media.

Even though that game was a bad one for him, how he apologized to his mates, the team, the province, that takes guts.

For him to get lured to Saskie and try to get into game shape physically and mentally in 4-5 weeks.......well they tried and it just didn't work out how we hoped.

Other threads can dissect our off-season, do we have capable backup QB's or don't we? Receiver depth? )line protection? But keep this thread open to thanking Joseph for coming in and giving this a shot. Yeah he feels terrible and he just did not have a good feel on that football yesterday........but to hear him on the radio pour his heart didn't take too long to be reminded of Kerry the Grey Cup winning QB 5 years years ago and all the very good things he has done for this team. Good on him in a lot of ways.

Totally agree he deserves a medal for even considering taking on the task. He is a hell of a guy and to put himself in that position says a lot about his character. I'm sure he feels the worse about how things turned out more then anyone else. To have the courage to come back and do everything he possibly could to help the team is something you won't see often. Heck he was retired and had put playing behind him and was moving on with his life and he could have simply said no thanks I don't need to get hammered and criticized and freeze my ass off for this team. But he did. So if you are a true Rider fan I dare anyone to say this loss is on him or to criticize him for the results. No he didn't have a good game and he knows it but some other players didn't either so this isn't all on KJ and his performance.

I would like to see him get an offer for some position with the team. He has game knowledge he just is past his prime to be able to carry it out himself. Still he obviously loves the Riders and that loyalty should be rewarded, not scorned or tarnished by what happened yesterday. He is a warrior for trying and I admire him for having the guts to try at this stage of the game.

So yes thank you Mr Joesph for giving it a hell of a try and no it's not the way you or any of us hoped it would turn out it still does not make the effort you put in any less inspiring or appreciated.