Kerry Joseph!!

Eskie Fans, explain something to me, as a Tiger-Cat fan I watched our game last Friday in Edmonton and you had Rielly playing and your other back up and than Kerry Joseph?

Kerry Joseph is the most experienced out of any of your QB's and a Grey Cup Champion from Sask in 2007 but why is Joseph not your starting QB? The guy can scramble, he's a good play maker, but for whatever reason Kavis doesn't feel he can be a starter?

I would think Joseph would be your best bet as a QB??

He’s 40 years old and the Eskimos need to look to the future. Reilly has really started to come around the past 2 games.

Joseph started about 6 or 7 games last year. His first 2 games he played very well, but after that he looked like the old man that he is. His body wears down quickly and he doesn’t have the speed that he used to have that made him an effective scrambling QB back 7-8 years ago.

Is that a serious inquiry?... Joseph is lucky hes on the team. If Nichols wasnt injured hed probably been cut

No, it's "and THEN Kerry Joseph", not "than". :slight_smile:

Yes he is; but so what, given the following:

Yes he was, by default. Winnipeg lost their starting QB to injury in the eastern final so in the Grey Cup game they played a guy who had not started even one CFL game in his life to that point; and he promptly went out and handed Saskatchewan the Cup, throwing 3 interceptions (there'd have been a fourth but it was dropped by defender). So yes he was a Grey Cup champion, but it had nothing to do with the way he played. . . he didn't play particularly well, but he won because he wasn't as dreadful as Dinwiddie.

Because he's well past his 'best before' date, to put it mildly.

The guy USED to be able to scramble; he USED to be a decent playmaker. Not anymore. You know what they say about time and tide. . .they wait for no one.

And in so thinking you are probably in a rather small minority. I think they are correct in playing Reilly and Crompton. If they can't cut it as CFL QBs, then time to find someone else; Joseph isn't it.

"There's more in life than money, sir."

You're smart and you're no fool. .. that's the kind of buck they're looking for these days

Guess you didn’t watch football games last year especially Edmontons. KJ was given every chance and was terrible.
Case Closed.