Kerry Joseph

What are the odds that the Riders will ink Kerry back now that he is released? I to zero. I know he is aged, but so is Dinwiddie, so why not take the proven man at least....the one who plays a similar style to your starter and so can just step in if need be. I know that at the beginning of last year, when the Riders signed Ryan, hat KJ said he would be happy to come in and play a supporting roll, and be paid lower because of it. He loves Saskatchewan and most of the fans reciprocate that.

I know it is unlikely as he is 38 vs Dinwiddie being 31, but why not take in a developed guy so you can also develop another youngster. I think that he could be a part of this club in a couple years when his playing career is over.

if no team had interest enough to sign him all year I strongly doubt anyone will. KJ was cut by Toronto at the start of this past season and could have been picked up for a song all year.

Kenton Keith is another former rider in that situation

keith is not worth signing because of the price on his contract you would have to pick up through next year (or perhaps it was this year, but I am pretty sure it is next year to). Noboday picked up KJ because of his age. an old Qb for us is fine. we have a young starter already, and a guy they want to develop in Bergquist.
what does Dinwiddie bring to the table? The only way he is ever starting is in an injury to DD. Joseph can do that to for 2 years, and by then they will have a young QB who has seen the system for 3-4 years. Dinwddie will be 31...he will never be a starter as long as DD is there, so why keep him? KJ also never got a fare shake in TO. It was the same old story...when he was in the pocket he lost, when he rolled he won. much as was the case when he was in SK, much was the case for DD last year. If you have a natural rolling QB, you have to let him, even at the risk of injury. The added bonus of KJ is that you then have someone who can roll just as well...they are fairly similar QBs.
I would at least talk to him, and at minimum invite him to camp.

Not sure what you mean by this, but if you think another team would have to pick up whatever multi-year contract he last had, you are mistaken. Player contracts are not guaranteed. Once players are released, they no longer have a contract and are free agents that can sign with any team for any amount (subject to the league minimum).

Or Edmonton. :frowning:
Or Sask. :x

& if Tillman thinks rebuilding Sask. in Edmonton is going to win another GC, :twisted:
good luck, with that. :roll:

Here we go again... maybe KJ can replace Crandell as QB coach... but NOT as a player... the only reason Edmonton signed him was to have in an insurance policy is RR was more seriously hurt than it appeard towards the end of last season, or he never would have been given even a sniff of being on any CFL roster.

Joseph had more than a fair chance in Saskatchewan, thank you!

Agreed with the statement above -- if you look at his track record not just in the CFL but across his entire career, there is nothing that really stands out in the QB position aside from the 07 win. I don't even know why you'd want to take a vet on right now with Durant in the key position...

so you have enough confidence in Dinwiddie should DD go down?

don't you think that whoever comes in as coach this year will take a serious look at a 2nd stringer to see if Dinwiddie is truly the guy?

I agree!! If you can’t make a mark with Austin teaching you the way then you had your chance and didn’t make it!

Only in an emergency would KJ be brought back.