Kerry Joseph

Heard on the radio this morning KJ has been signed to practice roster, I sure hope this is a preventive measure only.

Saw on This is also making me scratch my head... Better just be for this season. :?

Oh I'm pretty sure that it is just for the balance of this season given that Ricky's banged up. Zabransky's your starter for now, KJ is just veteran insurance in case more injuries hit (see Blue Bombers, Winnipeg).

Maybe someone from Edmonton can shed a little light... living in Ontario, I don't always hear everything (it's mostly Leafs and Canadiens over here :roll: ). What's happening with Maas? I know most expect him to join the coaching staff soon, but is he not capable of QBing for the team should Zabransky falter?

Well reading some of the comments Maas has made he's taking the high road and looking at playing whatever role he is asked to do. Personally, I think it would be a slap in the face if KJ went in in relief of Zab against Wpg.

The biggest Question will be what the Esks braintrust will do with KJ and JM in the off-season. JM is a franchise guy - in that he lives and breathes Eskimo football. I can only hope that ET isn't blind to that fact.