Kerry Joseph!!

Good news Argo fans!! Kerry Joseph hasn't thrown a pic in 2 games now!!

Get Joseph on the field, make your team a contender not a pretender

Well I have to say Rider fans this spring stated that their team would not miss KJ. And I believe they were correct when they stated that. KJ, is not a good QB. Thats face it he has been turned away by Tillman, Stubler and now the Mathews who has won more games then any other coach in the CFL. Seems to me the jury has made a verdict. Pickett I believe is the guy for the Argos. Congrats Rider fans your guys were correct.

I would honestly put KJ back in, and build an offensive game plan that suits his style of play. Surely Matthews can look at game films of Rider games last year and figure out how best use KJ. I still think he is a good QB, if you put in the right offensive system for him.

Agreed, Sambo.

The only difference between Joseph this year and last year is that he went from a good team with good coaching to an awful team with awful coaching.

Toronto can ride it out with Pickett and lose every game if they want or give themselves a chance and put Joseph back in and actually surround him with a team.

I love the Riders fans thinking Joseph isn't missed. Yah, Durant and 'Can't get right' really make me forget all about Joseph. Kerry who? Wasn't he a running back? Get real. Its just as pathetic as any Leos fan saying we don't miss Casey Printers. They went to bad teams with bad coaching and bad receivers and QBs on bad teams can't possibly perform the miracles that are needed for those two teams.

For gods sake drop the Casey Printers garbage. I don't miss Casey Printers at all. He was a one season wonder. Before you say anything about bad teams and bad coaches, I'd like you to remember the 2005 season. Remember that one? We started 11-0, then Dickenson got hurt. Casey 'I used to be somebody!' Printers came in and we lost 6 of our last 7, due to his crummy playing. 131 of 216 pass attempts for 1671 yards, 9 touchdowns and 6 interceptions, with 336 yards rushing and 2 rushing TDs in 7 games is not what I'd call a MOP performance. This is with the same team, same coach that he had the year before. He has done nothing in Hamilton, earning the top salsry in the league for what? The same kind of lackluster performance he showed in 2005, and on top of that, he is injury prone now. You would have to be insane to want that chump back here. I won't even get into his attitude ....

Just because a player is awesome one year does not mean they will always be. I grant you that Joseph doesn't have the same support he had in Sask, but he looked awful this year, making many mistakes that had nothing to do with coaching or the players supporting him. Durant and Bishop have played much better than Joseph and if I was a Sask fan I certainly wouldn't be missing him.

HE didn't even preform very well in the Grey cup last year . word has it that He's starting a new career in sales for future shop .

In Winnipeg, the saying is that after a loss the most popular guy in town is the backup QB.

Seems like Toronto has that same affliction this year. When Joseph was doing nothing earlier in the year, people wanted Bishop. When Bishop did nothing, they wanted someone else. Now someone else is doing nothing, and they want Joseph.

At some point you can keep falling into this trap of believing that the entire offense is as good as the QB, or you can realize that a QB can only go so far as the rest of the offense allows him. There’s no magic wand here, until the receivers can start getting open and actually CATCHING balls that hit them in the hands, no QB will look good.

Its the same with Printers. A good QB on a good team is going to win games. A good QB on a bad team is still a bad team.

I get the distinct feeling that Matthews and Joseph don't see eye to eye, I just can't believe they'd sit him out 2 games in a row unless this is the case or he has an injury. The Argos can still make the playoffs, not a case yet of seeing what they have in Pickett for next year or whatever. I don't get it.

Not me Earl, KJ is not a good qb. Cae in point early in the season di the riders miss his talents. Answer no. What has KJ done lately for his new team. Nothing A good QB, would be able to learn an offense and gradually get better. KJ got gradually worse to the point no one in the Argo organization has confidence in his play. He won a GC because he was on a well rounded team hungry for a Grey Cup. Much like Marcus Crandell did in 2001 with the Stamps. KJ is another Nealon Greene the difference being he has a GC ring that is it.

Joseph has struggled because of terrible Argos management, and because his idiot O.C. Buratto tried to make him a pocket-passer instead of devising an offense that was suited to his talent. Lest we forget, Bishop was ineffective in the same Buratto system, but is doing much better in Saskatchewan. Did the Argos EVER roll the pocket to allow Joseph to throw on the run? The Riders were doing it almost every play yesterday and while Bish made some bone-headed decisions, he also racked up over 350 yards of offense.

My personal feeling is that Matthews is going with Pickett only because he knows Pickett's skill set meshes better with Buratto's system and Buratto himself has shown that he can't adapt to quarterbacks who aren't pocket-passers.

Your right but my feeling is Pickett is a better passer.

2 things:

  1. Kent Austin made Kerry Joseph into the MOP QB last year. The same thing he did with an underachieving, over-hyped Damon Allen a couple of years earlier.

  2. Kerry Joseph is not a pocket passer and the Argos have a pocket-passing offence.

TSN is reporting that Joseph will start against B.C. this week.

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As he should be

Another loss in the making.

It'll be interesting to see not only Joseph's performance but the whole team, very interesting.

Not sure what difference it’ll make for the blue team.

They’ve got a poor receiving corps; no running game with Dorsey out; defence that is but a shadow of its former great self; and, particularly up against the Lions and their fearsome defensive line, a weak offensive line.

Given that, changing QBs for Toronto is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.