Kerry Joseph

Couldnt the Cats have got Kerry Joseph When the Ottawa Renegades folded? If yes, why the heck did the Cats let that opportunity pass by them?

we did get him, and then we traded him to the roughriders for corey holmes, a draft pick and scott gordon.

so ur next question should be why didn't we keep him?

i agree I was not happy when we decided to trade away our first pick in the dispersal draft to Saskatchewan.

PS for all the fans that loved the trade how did Kerry Joseph play yesterday (just curious)

DJ Flick looked pretty good yesterday too
Double ouch!!!!

Quick Question: Ok, the riders had the 1st and 3rd picks in the Ottawa dispersal draft, which they used to get Kerry Joseph and Jason Armstead. But who had the 2nd pick? And who did they take with the 2nd pick (I think that it was an o-lineman, but im not sure)?

Bombers had second choice ,and would have grabbed Joseph,hence the trade,they did take a Olineman ....

Winnipeg took ibrahim khan (o-lineman) with the second pick and took val st.germain with the fifth overall pick