kerry joseph

i've always been a fan of this guy since he arrived on
the scene with the gades in '04, pulled for him with a sub-par team in ottawa and knew he had star quality
just last night though i think he had a hell of a game even though they put up only 16 points,he showed something... that he deserves to be mentioned in the same sentence with the top 3 qb's in the league.
he is a big reason that the riders will get over that hump this season and do something special. led by E.T.
the city will finally get what they've been waiting for since the days of roger aldag,tom burgess and oh...kent austin.

good job putting this team together eric,

More than anything else I miss Kerry Joseph, Jason Armstead and Josh Ranek. The option play with Joseph and Ranek seemed to work every time,.
They were exciting to watch. The Gades were so close to going all the way last year.

I agree. I really enjoyed watching Kerry Joseph play during his short stay in Ottawa. He wasn't afraid to roll out when pressed - and not simply towards the sidelines either. He was great at picking up yardage down the field on his own. A very offensive quarterback for sure. I'm glad to see he's doing well with Saskatchewan (as well as Jason too).

And yeah, Josh Ranek was exciting to watch too. It was tough to see him elect to sign with Hamilton, but at least he has a team to play for now :wink:

On the downside, one guy I was really disappointed in was Pat Woodcock. He did absolutely nothing for Ottawa.

Joseph was a bit of an oddity in that it seemed to me that he actually threw better on the run.

Overall though, Ranek was my favourite offensive player. I just liked that he never seemed to give up on a run and he ran with a lot of power for a smallish guy. I can't understand why he can't land a job anymore, especially in Hamilton when he was in the same offense.

Defensive, I think Hebert would have been my guy. All over the place, and lead the team is special teams tackles too. His personal problems soured all that a bit, but he seems to have all that straightened out.

Good points! Yeah Ranek was like a little bulldog charging down the field with the opposition dragging along behind him.

Defensively, I also liked Gerald Vaughn. He really gave it all too.

Ah, how could I forget three-nine! Hell of a guy!

Did you see him yesterday against Calgary!!!
Four TD passes, pin point passes on the run and in the pocket, scrambling when he had to.

If we get a team back next year the new owners have to demand that Joseph returns along with Armstead and Ranek.

Moi aussi je suis bien fier du succès de Kerry Joseph. Je lui souhaite la coupe Grey!