Kerry Joseph - WOW

Congratulations Rider fans. Great game.

Kerry Joseph was very very impressive. I think the key to the final will be whether or not the BC dline and linebackers can contain Kerry Joseph. Kerry is healthier than last year. It won't be a blow out like last year. Here we go again. Can't wait.

BC Guy in Winnipeg.

His game could have been even better, he missed 3 open receivers - 2 for Touchdowns. Although wind being a factor he had an outstanding game.

I think Kerry played pretty good today, he did miss a few open receivers, but the entire team will have to play better next week if they want to knock off a tough BC team.

KJ is MOP. Missed some open receivers? 2 or 3 people did not vote for Brad Wall. Walls night was good. Damn good. So was KJs. Pretty good? Pretty good?

I fail to see the relevance in relating politics to football, or your comparison.


Great game!!!!