Kerry Joseph, what a dummy...

Kerry Joseph; the guy coulda' been a hero in Sask. ala The "Little General". But he had to give it up for the bright lights and big city; the "Big Smoke," which is exactly what happened to 'Kerry' after leaving the amber Greens :thdn:

You do know that he was traded?

Now he does.

.... because he felt he was a $400k QB and the Riders could only pay $250k, like what it said on his re-worked contract.

The guy plays with more heart than anybody -- but now, his fans don't share his passion. And he can't carry an entire team all by himself.

Wow, this is a pointless thread. I mean, the topic has some merit, but barely.

I still don't understand how the Riders couldn't pay him. They are making money and 150,000 is going to kill them.

Unfortunately in this league, you need to get a good QB and pay him more than 250K. It's just how the league works.

Why you bring this up a year after the trade is puzzling. Joseph was a hero in Sask for being a part of the Grey Cup victory. Do you feel the same way about Kent Austin? Just because Joseph & his team struggled last year, don't write him off. One bad year can be resolved.

Clearly you are a CFL Noob.

takes a huge paycut to remain a rider. great in the community, wins MOP and a grey cup, then asks to be paid accordingly, but gets traded instead...yea, what a dummy :roll:

If he was smart, he would have taken backup QB money. I mean anybody can see that the trade was totally is doing and Tillman was reasonable in not offering him starting QB money. :stuck_out_tongue:

AND ... you have to figure, a bigger paycheque and a reduced workload ( didn't even have to go to work in November ). How is he a dummy for taking more money for less work? If you got a job offer to do the same job, with more money, and fewer hours per week, would you think twice about taking it?

I'm sure he wouldn't mind working through November. Don't all players get a set bonus for each round they make it in the playoffs?

I always assumed in the CFL, although there is big chance that I could be wrong, that they just get the same amount for each game in the playoffs as they would for any other game with exception to the Grey Cup game.

I dont understand it either. The moment they asked him to take that reduced salary I immediately said that it would come back to bite us in the ass.

The fact that the Riders were making money is irrelevant when there is a Salary cap

Joseph is a good QB

Its not his fault the Argos stunk it up

im a big fan of the QB

You know, looking at this topic and the other Riders topic he created, I'm beginning to wonder if maybe SportScallion is just bored.

I'm sure Joseph will do much better next year with some of the changes being made in Toronto. Maybe stick with a coach for a full season and not change systems making the players start over.

They are more spread out now but when he started this topic, he also started 4 or 5 others at about the same time - all a bit strange. After reading them all (particularly this one), I thought "he must be stoned tonight". I'm not at all convinced that I am wrong.

As for Kerry, I spoke with him just before last year's Grey Cup, waiting for our baggage to come off our respeective planes. He was forthright at the same time as very diplomatic, but it wasn't hard to read between the lines that he would come back to Sask in an instant. And while it took a little bit more reading between the lines, I think he'd have done so with a reduced salary - maybe not back to what he was making in 07, but reduced from what he was making in 08. It really was the old adagé "you don't know what you had until it is gone". Maybe that's true for both sides.

i think anyone whose been on this forum for awhile knows i dont have a fav team. but in 2007, kerry joseph's riders were easily the most entertaining to watch on TV.

i'd love to see him reunited with his green and white teammates. i think its a shame he never got a chance for a repeat.
wouldn't a game between the '08 champs from calgary vs the '07 champs from sask with kerry joseph at the helm be the game of the year. KJ vs Burris was always fun in '06 and '07.