Kerry Joseph traded to Argonauts...

Any thoughts on this?

I'm still not impressed by the Argonauts! No running backs, only one good receiver and they downgraded their defence... If they keep Bishop, they'll have a hard time making both QBs happy.

I have no doubt we'll finish ahead of them. Trestman and our defensive crew will find ways to force him throwing the ball !

Your kidding right? Tyler Ebell, Anthony running backs, really. Shit I'll take Ebell in Montreal anyday

Well, call me crazy but the Grey Cup winning QB moving back into our division really scares me. I think that he will really be able to make some noise with the Argos' receivers.

Yep...the division just got a little tougher Als' fans.

Typical Argos move, trade for what you're not willing to develop yourself. Joseph is the same age as Calvillo, and is injury-prone to boot. I'm not terribly worried.

This reminds me of the infamous trade of Etcheverry to Hamilton.Etcheverry's arm was gone and he managed to survive for a short time in the NFL where he demonstrated he was indeed finished.With this trade, if Joseph does remain healthy,he will make the Argos the team to beat in the east.

The Rider fans must be completely discouraged with the exception of the Tillman KoolAid followers. yikes...

Yeah, to lose your HC, MVP QB, defensive leader, and Fred Perry the off-season after you win the Grey Cup? Pretty deflating.

To put it in perspective.........imagine how we would have all felt if, after our last Grey Cup win, Don Matthews headed south, we traded AC for two backup linemen, let Timothy Strickland go in free agency, and traded Anwar Stewart for a backup QB?

My guess is we would not have been happy campers.

Plus, when Crandell pulls up lame after a few weeks, it's going to be U-G-L-Y in Riderville.

I don’t know about that... there defence got weaker, and with all this trading going around, they’ve weakened there already weak offence even more. The loss of January will make an already poor offensive line even weaker. They only have two receivers now really worth mentioning... unless you really think highly of Cetute.

They lost miles, traded Frank Murphy (not sure why, he really impressed me) so really, who is Joseph going to throw to? Bruce and Talbot sure, but really there is not much after that. They still have gaping holes at RB. Ebell to me is unproven and will have a tough time running in that scheme. Edwards was still a very good back when he left Montreal, and Troy Davis was coming off a thousand yard season in Edmonton. Yet in Toronto they ended up getting cut, and now they will be forced to retire.

It’s a good thing Joseph is so mobile, because he will be running for his life all season...

There defence also got weaker with the loss of Younger and O'shea. Although they still have 3 VERY good linebackers, don’t underestimate what a Vet like O'shea does in the locker room.

Not to mention Stubler is now the head coach, so he won’t be able to run his stellar scheme. Toronto is looking very beatable to me... but they are always in the thick of things year in and year out, so I expect some good competition from them.

Stubler was already assistant head coach during the Pinball era. I doubt he'll suddenly step away from the DC responsibilities. Head coaches tend to stay involved in their areas of expertise. Matthews was very involved with the defense despite the fact that Chris Jones was the DC.

I do agree that the Argos' receiving depths is a bit thin as it stands. However, we are still a long way from the start of the season. I'm sure things will change.

From an Als' perspective, I'm hoping that Stubler turns into another Gary Etcheverry; great DC but falls flat on his face as a head coach.