Kerry Joseph to lead Riders to another Grey Cup!!


Madame Soothsayer just read my tarot cards and it is now plain to see that the Riders will prevail on the WetCoast in November taking home back to back Grey Cups.
Kerry will lead the Green and White to the Promised Land again.

[url=]posting.php?mode=post&f=1&sid=40d1d40cb2f0cff076bfaeac8c9ee534#How[/url] sweet it will be again! :D :D :D 8) 8) 8)

My Riders always seem to be contenders. Unlike some teams east of Regina.
Almost seems like it is time to holler--GOBBLE GOBBLE.

Mr. Turkeybend2, you are the most joyfully delusional person I have ever come across.

Stay happy sir!
But please, do not operate any heavy machinery. :wink:

And Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

Except when their not.

KJ should help but if I were you I wouldn't mortgage the turkey coup to bet on the Riders.

There's a scary thought. Will we all have to wear watermelons after the revolution?

LOL, no matter what I'm doomed. Turkey Coop could be a collective of water melon afficionado's. What do you call a home for turkey's; a hutch, a coop or maybe simply, Regina.

I googled it, I guess turkeys live in a turkey house. Anyway, don't mortgage it. :lol: