Kerry Joseph Starting QB

Does KJ have a shot at starting? I think so. If Jyles falters at all, Joseph is next in line. The former MOP will have one more kick at the can this 2012 Season. Maybe he will turn some heads at training camp. Luckily Joseph and Jyles have similar styles. How long of rope will Reed give Jyles? (Nichols and Ward are not the answer)

I would say Joseph is very happy to be an Eskimo and thus is fortunate to contribute his skills/knowledge that he has for whomever is going to be the #2 QB behind Jyles. Does Kerry have a shot to be the starting QB?; I'm sure he does, but on the other hand it would be in Edmontons best interest to have a younger QB for the #2 spot. If things are not going well for Jyles after Week 4 at B.C. Place (if Eskies are winless); game 5 on the road in Winnipeg will be the big decision maker for Coach Reed.

Going on 39, I doubt he’ll be more than a back-up/mentor. He’s already started to decline. Some of it was coaching, but it’s also age. I doubt he has the stamina. Even Brett Favre couldn’t do a full season. He’d start off great, and then trail off.

I think not.

How do you know? We haven’t really seen them play. . . I don’t believe you can write them off at this stage.

Were I to be coach Reed, i’d be giving both Nichols and Ward a real long look at TC, because I am not at all sold on Jyles. He’s been given shots before to be a starter, in Regina where he lost out to Durant, in Winnipeg where he started many games in relief of an injured Buck Pierce, and in Toronto. . . and in each case, he failed to make the grade and was moved out. Sure, there may be extenuating circumstances in each stop (especially the last one; with that poor excuse for a receiving corps, no QB would look good), but the fact remains that he’s been bounced out now by three teams after having a legitimate shot at taking the starter’s job and making it his own, and having failed each time.

Not a good resume it seems to me. … certainly not worthy of being anointed a starter in Edmonton, I’d be having an open competition between Jyles, Ward, and Nichols, and may the best man win.

Something tells me however that Jyles will be given the job and there won’t be any open competition. He’ll likely be named the starter, KJ will stay on the roster for veteran presence, and one of Nichols or Ward will also be on the roster, with the other one coming up “injured” just as cut down day approaches.

This is likely how it will/could go down, however this time I hope Nichols steps it up and earns the #2 QB spot.

Good point, but I believe Reed has said that Jyles will be the starter going into training camp, which means he'll be getting starter reps and the other 3 will have to duke it out. Joseph is like a Jarious Jackson now, if your blowing out a team or getting whopped in a game he's the guy to go in, if Jyles goes down, he's the guy to go in, I doubt you but Nichols or Ward in a clutch situation where Jyles goes down and your down by 5 with a minute to go in the game.

I believe that Kerry Joseph will be a Quarterback coach like Jason Maas. Kerry keeps himself in great shape and can still play and take the hits - still need Nichols/Ward or someone that can step in and do well for the most part. Take a look at Winnipeg; with Buck at #1 and their back ups who are proven to get the job done is rewarding.

Id prefer to see Nichols and Ward get a good even shot as Jyles and Joseph. Nichols had a pretty great preseason last year, Ward was pretty decent as well. Hopefully they’ll put them out there when other teams have some starters on the field. I personally dont like Jyles, dosent seem that smart in decision making and definitely dosent have great accuracy. Im pulling for Nichols.

As easy as it is to root against Jyles with recent injuries and already being on 4 different teams the guy almost beat out Durant in 09' had Durant not thrown that game winning TD @ Calgary that year, things would be a lot different around the CFL, Tillman obviously sees something in him to acquire him twice (once with Riders, now with you) so with torontos pick in the draft you can add a bother weapon for him. You have already done a decent Job gettin him Carr and Koch add chambers to that list along with Stamps and bowman and your on your way (although it sucks that you lost Messam )

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm the only Edmonton fan willing to give Jyles a chance. :lol:

I think most fans want to see a pocket passer like Calvillo, Ray, or Tate as their franchise quarterback. It's hard to support a scrammbler, it's a different kind of football. A running quarterback is an injured quarterback.

You may have a point. You aren’t seeing a lot of scrambling QBs having success right now. It is a lot of pocket passers. But I’m still willing to give Jyles a chance.

Most of the people who post here are very knowledgable. So why the confusion ?
KJ Is NOT A STARTER has not been for the last 5 years. A good backup. Not really!!
3rd and ONE. Twice a game. Yes. Can't pass yesterday or today.
Jyles a starter I think NOT?? Has he ever started a hole season. Why Did Edmonton give up on him as a THIRD stringer?
Not even close to any starting qb in the league. I think Ward and Nichols have a better shot of being the starter at mid season. A new guy whos never played in the CFL? Not a Hope. So WHO then. Could be a long season

Now sure what game that is, but I'm not sure having Jyles start a season in some game called Hole has to do with him starting for EE this year, which he will do. :lol:

Same could be said about Tate in Calgary for that matter. Jyles as a better pocket passer than in the past; that's the plan. :rockin:

Sorry ???? I thought that Tillman SAID that they needed a more MOBILE QB rather then the pocket passer.
Tate will face great challenges as a starter for all 18 games. BBBut Henry is getting on in age so they are passing on the torch to a role out passer. May hurt for a season but up side is another Lulay. Good Basic move.
Of course Jyles will be the starter. As much as I like big red do you really think he would say he screwed up.

Tillman did say that, however; Jyles is mobile without Question, but I think the Esks would like Jyles to go thru his reads more so in the pocket as he does have Quality receivers. As for Tate in Calgary; the best time for Tate is right now and Huff knows it and on the plus side they have Glenn :thup: In Edmonton either Nichols/Ward or Masoli has to step up, that's a given.
I hope Joseph can coach one of them for that #2 QB role.

Not sure you can say Edmonton gave up on Jyles. Pretty sure it was DM who traded Jyles, and considering what a spectacular failure he turned out to be both as a coach AND a GM...

Thank you for pointing that out Chief, I think people forget any move DM did while he was here was extremely sub par. He had no sense for scouting actual talent.

his could be a great opportunity for a platoon situation. Both QBs have shown in the past to be quite capable. It is just the consistency that is the issue. If both QBs can 'check their egos at the door' so to speak, and I have no reason to believe that either of them can't, then it could work out very well for coach Reed to just play the hot hand and even out any inconsistencies in offensive production.

The only real issue with the Esks depth chart right now is possible QB inconsistency. I mean come on, the only way that Riders make the playoffs this year is if Edmonton's QBs stumble. Play the hot hand and the Riders are right about screwed. And if the Riders are out, the Esks get a free ticket in.