Kerry Joseph Signs with Edmonton

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No surprise; he is, after all, a Friend of Eric. . .

:lol: I just made this post in the Edmonton board.

I agree :wink:

…‘sinks’ or ‘stinks’?..just want to get your frame of mind clarified…

and the QB recycling continues. Im sure they picked him up pretty cheap though. interesting how they want to be like toronoto last year with three on the roster and one on the practice roster. i havnt been watching camps in person, so i am going to just guess mueller is the P.R. QB.

Give him an uncomplicated system with room to run, could still be effective I think.

I swear I could hear Chief raging from here! Now I know why.

if he gets hurt, maybe they will dial Printers number...

Couple of smartasses...

:lol: :lol:

...i think there may be a qb. controversy in Edm......Who is the better qb. this late in their career? ..Joseph or Ray....I can see another Bishop/Joseph type conflict brewing, that was evident in T.O. awhile ago...Guess we'll have to have patience and wait for an answer to this engrossing question :roll: ...... :lol: Whatever happened to Zabransky anyway???

Ray is not exactly late in his career. He’s only 31, same age as Glenn, and only 3 years older than Durant. And to answer your question he has always been a MUCH MUCH better QB than KJ has throughout his career(even with his horrible season last year).

It’s a pathetic joke that ET brings in “his guy” KJ and hands him a QB spot while tossing Maas aside for no reason. Also going back on his word of making the Esks “younger and cheaper”.

My mother always told me it was better to be a smartass than a dumbass :lol:

Yeah, I hope that was just a poor attempt at a joke by papa... And I agree with what you said.

Hey Chief, if you want contraversy, Grimms offered you Printers..... I think you should consider it ! :lol: :lol: :lol:

It's a pathetic joke that ET brings in "his guy" KJ and hands him a QB spot while tossing Maas aside for no reason

No reason? What, a wounded duck throwing shoulder is no reason? :?

....i kid...i kid chief....but i know they're not laughing in edm.....Either Zabransky or Maas, would have been an experienced qb. to keep around....Maybe Tilman knows something fans of the CFL don't but i'd say Joseph is a bad choice...The esks. better pray that Ray stays upright :roll: :roll:

I agree. Maas was a good clipboard holder but he couldn't do anything on the field anymore.

You don't have to tell me. :lol:

The only thing that worries me about Joseph is his layoff. Hasn't taken a snap in anger in over a year.

A guy with his raw skill and extensive experience as a starter - if you're looking at a #2 spot, heck bring him to camp and see if he can earn it. Why not? Who else would you like to be a #2? Chris Leak? Zac Champion? Brink? No disrespect to these guys at all, but they're totally unproven.

Hard to believe Tillman may have bad judgement...