Kerry cut?

KJ is slated to start tonight. If he does poorly again, will KJ be demoted to 2nd string? And CFL contracts are not guaranteed, so I assume he will recieve a pay cut if this happens. Thoughts?

I voted for Michael Bishop because I don't think the ____s should have traded for Kerry Joseph in the first place.

The ____s are obsessed with making trades and signings for a marketing splash and to sell tickets rather than the football implications. (ie. Andre Rison, David Boston, Ricky Williams, Mike McMahon, etc.)

Here we are in week two of their quarterback controversy! Only about eighteen more weeks to go!



Say what now?

I don't think you recieve pay cuts, you just don't get any of your performance bonuses. I don't think they are allowed to give you pay cuts mid season.

I agree with starting Joseph. It is unfortunate he had a poor game last game. It will be interesting to see if they pull him if he is hot. While platooning can work maintaining the balance is a difficult thing.

Get him an O-line, and he'll be a stud. Leave him without one, and he'll get the same results as Ricky Ray.

I would start KJ, but if he doesnt perform then give Bishop a chance. Sooner or later, one of them will get the hot hand, then you go with him. One of them has to be anointed as the starter, so you can build your offence and your playbook around that QB.

I just don't know how Michael Bishop is staying calm during all this. He is what, 33 years old? Been with the team for like 6 seasons, he goes 11-1 as a starter last year, and the team brings in Kerry Joseph to be his platoon partner. And because of the platoon Bishop isn't going to reach escalators in his contract.

I am the furthest things from a ____s fan and a Bishop supporter. But if you don't think he is starting material after last season, then when is it going to be?

I guess I can't say much, I am a Ticats fan.

Just $h!t or get off the pot Stubler or blame Adam Rita for this media debacle he threw you in to by giving you two slightly above average quarterbacks.


Oskee Wee Wee?

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