Kerry Joseph on TV

He is on the Grill Room right now and on again at 11:30. Enjoy :rockin:

He better get his gigs in now because come next year, I'm not sure he'll be in much demand for TV appearances. :wink:

what channel?

Warren Moon is also pitching a cooking show for the Canadian Food network. I guess that's what old CFL QB's are up to these days. :roll:

Sun TV

The way he's qbing right now he better get another gig lined up! :cowboy:

Toronto needs a much stronger offensive line. Joseph may have regressed a bit, but a better line would have helped and more experienced receivers.( your best consistent ones like Talbot were hurt all year). Anyway I hope T.O improves greatly next year as we need a strong T.O/Hamilton rivalry. :rockin: :cowboy: