Kerry Joseph named CFL offensive player of the week

Look for KJ to be named OPOTW . KJs performance was so offensive that its bound to win him the "OFFENSIVE" player of the week award.

I mean his int and fumble where totally "OFFENSIVE" howabout those 3 field goals that Kerry helped set up :thup:

way to go KJ

Kerry Joseph looks like he has completely loss his confidence. Of course trying to make a pocket passer out of him doesn't help IMO.
He never was or never will be a pocket passer. He is a running back masquerading as a QB.
Maybe Tillman saw that his legs were starting to go so he couldn't run to set up the pass like he use to.
Maybe time to blow things up and start over.

Winnipeg's uniforms were sharp, better then their present ones. Same for their cheerleaders uniforms.

I'm glad the Argos have changed their colours. I'm not crazy about their 1950 uni's

How did KJ win MVP last year? He looks completly different now, wtf happened?

Different system, different coach. Look at the numbers that Bishop put up in Toronto not impressive. But his last game with Sask pretty impressive. The Sask system is designed for a scrambling QB with a good arm and not much accuracy.

What a bunch of crapola!!! Bishop had many games like last week, last year! You have fallen for the talking points. It was the most exciting Argo season for many of us last year, since Doug Flutie was a Argo, and all because of Bishop. 1 example of many was the Sask Argo game last year at Sask. And yes he had a number of games just like that.

You may want to take a closer look at the stats. Bishop had only one game that came close to last week's game. And it was indeed the Rider game. Bishop was serviceable last year but there is no indication that he will continue to do what he did last week. As a Rider fan I hope he does, but do not get wrapped up in the idea he played fantastic last year because he didn't.

Bishop's stats weren't that great last year. Joseph would have won just as many games with that defense.
I think a lot of rider fans are getting a little too excited about him. He's not going to have that high of a completion percentage very often. I just hope he can do enough to help us win.

The problem with Joseph now is that his confidence is at zero. And I don’t blame him, considering how poorly Steve Buratto has treated him. Joseph is mobile, scrambling QB who is best when he’s throwing on the run and making plays happen with his feet. Buratto has him trapped in the pocket like a deer in the headlights, behind an O-line that can’t pass-block for squat. You’d think that between Bishop and Joseph, Buratto would have learned how to structure an offense around a mobile QB, but apparently not.

You never cease to amaze me...

I try not to disappoint! There are many people that share this view, you show your ignorance by assuming everybody shares your viewpoint.

I found Bishop exciting to watch, many felt the same way. Obviously you did not enjoy his playing.

n. The condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed.

I thought everyone shared my viewpoint!!!! Impossible that others could think unlike me!!!! I can't stop misusing exclamation points!!!!!

Let me state this one more time. I'll even say it slowly. I really do not have a personally preference between Bishop and Joseph.

Bishop can indeed be an exciting player to watch. He lead many a victory for the Argo's last season and, as a result, a team is torn apart because of what was may eventually be a misguided offseason move. (Let's see in a few years what is the end result and not how you say about me... "assume"... how it will be)

You know what else is exciting about Bishop? The over throws, the under throws, the throw it really hard through the receivers throws, the force a play and oops! another INT throws... That's fun stuff to watch. You know what else is fun? Having a defense make a stop. That's fun too.

You said the most exciting season since some dude named Flutie was lead by Michael Bishop Version 2007 who happened to be the worst starting QB. Look it up. I'll give you a minute...

... back? Alright, with that being said, it's not necessarily a shot at Bishop. The lack of a running game kills QB's in Toronto. A good, quick comparison is seeing Bishop being successful in Sasktown just like the MOP Joseph was.

In the end. There's only one stat that matters. W's. Bishop provided lots of those... (then again, Joseph provided a couple more important ones last season too)

I hate irrational thinking. This is why I have been arguing for Joseph. But I thank you for assumptions about me.

Who am I pulling for again? Bishop? Joseph?

I just want to say something both Bishop and KJ over throw under throw and force passes, not just Bishop.

Can not disagree with that at all. Heck, don't all QB's do that? The answer is, of course...

Michael Bishop's completion %, regular season play, in the CFL.

'02 46.2
'03 40.0
'04 47.9
'05 50.8
'06 41.7
'07 52.1
'08 45.2/61.0 (Argos/Riders)

Those numbers suck, don't they? 52.1% in his career season. I don't know what else to say.

Joseph's numbers this year are - surprise, surprise - his worst and yet, his completion % is 55.1...

Bishop, up to this point, is proven to be sloppy. Let's not forget this is an experienced QB too.