Kerry Joseph, man you guys had one heck of an athlete

Just thought I'd post something here. Do you guys realize what a talented athlete you had in Joseph? Not saying he is or ever will be the best qb in the CFL but man I love watching this guy.
Hope if you do come back to the league at some point you will have a chance to get someone like him again.

Thanks for rubbing it in.

So Earl tell me, I'm not sure what the point of your comment is ? I'm not sure if you are giving us a compliment in support of Ottawa fans or if you're rubbing it in. Which one is it ? :?

Basically just want to say that despite the bad owners you guys had, and maybe not the greatest team, you had some great players and Joseph was one. Now I suppose I’m just stating the obvious. But I guess I also just want to get a knife out and prod you guys a bit there to try and get a team back, I want a team back in Ottawa and I think many other true CFL fans do, with a good owner and the city there getting behind the owner and that. And of course, the fans also. I think Ottawa can be an excellent football town again.
So I would say a compliment with a bit of knife nick in there with a drop of peroxide, just something to get you guys back.
And that is the truth, didn’t mean anything else by this, honestly.


Fair enough. I can agree with you. I have to admit though, It really burns me to see Ottawa players playing on other teams.

Don't blame you one bit for feeling like that ORR. This whole thing really pisses me off, Tom Wright should not have let those owners back in, even if it mean't the team would have been suspended one year earlier, at least at that point there probably was more of a season ticket base which would have looked better for prospective owners. I don't blame some owners not backing TW back in as commissioner.

Oh yeah. The problem with the Renegades was in management. The owners were a joke. Glad they are gone. We needed to sacrifice a year to clean house. I am elated Joseph is still playing in the CFL and with Saskatchewan to boot. He fits into that team well. Go Riders!