Kerry Joseph- League MVP

As expected, The Riders proved last week was a fluke by the Pussycats and demolished them in Regina at Taylor Field. Kerry Joseph early favourite for league MVP. How could anyone disagree???????? Riders Rule
Leos Drool

Great game, but whats up with all those empty seats at Mosaic Taylor Field?
That's pathetic.
Has anyone heard the actual attendance.

No one wanted to see their team get pumelled by BC. Well folks, thats Rider Pride for you!!!lol :stuck_out_tongue:

And btw first let Joseph WIN a playoff game and then we'll talk about league MVP...

No excuses for empty seats , but Sunday night football is a stupid idea in the CFL. Fans want to see games on Friday night, Saturday night or Sunday afternoon.
Bad move by the league schedule people. Any comments on this point??
-Riders Pride nation Wide

I suppose it was mainly done for prime time at TSN. As for excuses, they do not wash and especially as it is the beginning of summer.
So much for Rider Pride.

Back in the drivers seat and headed to 1st place in the West. Riders could go 15-1.
riders rule
esks, stamps, leos drool!!

well at least we are the talk of the league not like the Toronto fans :lol: and didn’t the league have to bail your team out because there was no fan support? Not good for such a BIG city. :wink:

GO Riders Go!!!

A 5pm sunday game at TAYLOR FIELD is not very smart, somebody should shake their heads. Considering where alot of our fans drive in from, they should have made the kickoff time at no later than 2pm.

Well, thousands of fans were outside, looking for Taylor Field, but could only find the Mosaic Field, so they turned around and went looking elsewhere.

The only reason the attendance was so low, was due in fact to the 5 PM start time. Alot of our fans are from rural saskatchewan, and thurs make the trip in to see the games. So if it takes 3 hours to get here and 3 hours to get back, 3 hours for the game at lest, ur looking at getting home at 1130 or even midnight, on a sunday when most ppl have to work, so that explains the attendance. Although i thank them for the late start, i work till 3 in the afternoon and would have missed some of the game. for you all rider haters out there, how are you gonna bash us now?

15-1? they do play 18 games ya know

we are hoping for two rainouts!!!!!

Must be quite the roller coaster ride in Gopher land. One week they all want to jump off the stadium roof , the next back to their peacock self. My my my, talk about mood swings. Pre Mosiac Syndrome AKA PMS

too funny... a argo fan commenting on rider attendance ....I hear theres another crack head NFLer looking for work u guys should sign him :slight_smile:

Great game and I’m starting to think that we, Hamilton, should have kept the first dispersal pick and taken Joseph, he had a rough first half but man, once he settled in and ran a few, got the jitters out and was the difference in the game, along with the Rider d. What an athlete Joseph is and while I love Holmes and what he brings to us, I really wonder if Jason Maas is the real deal or not, early yet for sure so I’m not cashing in yet on Maas.

Yes, lots of empty seats in Riderville, not what you’d expect from the so called “best CFL city in Canada” from what they say.

I do agree the attendance was disappointing Eastside, but let’s put it in perspective. There were more people there yesterday than any Alouette game this year. :frowning:

Give Maas and the rest of the team some time to get used to eachother. Hamilton is going to be a force once they start clicking. Maas is a proven QB so i wouldn’t worry about him. This coming from a Calgary fan.

If we went 15-1 the rest of the way we would be 16-2, that what I interpet turkey's point to be, but thats a little too optomistic. Joseph played well when he had to, which is a good sign for the Riders. We still have tough games , Calgary then BC and Calgary twice again, and Toronto , Edmonton. No break in the sked until the Bombers come on Labour Day.

lol how true… But you just wait till we go to the Toilet Bowl stadium and maybe it’ll be a 50k+ game(optimisticly speaking). But maybe you guys can help me with a little question I have. Ok, i know i have platinum tickets but why does everyone hate it so much? I mean cmon, the seats are way more comfortable than at Molson stadium!

I don’t care about comfort of the seats, I care about the look and feel of a stadium and from what I see on TV, Molson Stadium beats the Rogers Centre hands down just like Ivor Wynne beats it hands down.