Kerry Joseph - League MVP

according to Marty York in a toronto newspaper, Kerry Joseph will be named CFL Most Valuable Player. Well done Kerry!! You deserve it.

Is that official?


Both Smith & Burris deserve it more.

Whatever BC crony, if he wins it he deserves it, same with Glenn.

Problem is......York just jinxed him. York has never been right

how does burris deserve this at all?

he played terrible to start the year ( remember, people wanted akili smith to replace him as starter ), got hot, then got hurt, then came back had 1 good game, then returned to the fumble and pick tossing machine he always was...

not to mention, he led his team to a terrible record which isnt deserving of a playoff berth, and are just lucky edmonton and hamilton struggled even worse.

Burris MVP....not even close.

...and passed for a league-leading 34 touchdowns, second with 4279 yards and has a higher rating than Joseph. The only spot where Joseph leads is in picks with 8 versus 14 for Burris.

Especially when you consider that Burris did miss so much of the year, and still had better numbers than Joseph tells me that he should have gotten the nod for MOP.

Is it Burris's fault that the rest of the Stamp team played like sh!t, losing games in the process?

Are you serious?

Want to bring up Rushing Touchdowns?

Didnt think so.

...or interceptions?

Well jm, he did mention that, but just for the record...

Joseph - 8
Burris - 14

lol - I can't believe I missed that...seriously didn't even see it...

I just thought I should mention it before one of the trolls decided to say something…

more rushing yards - K.Joseph
more rushing TD's - K.Joseph
fewer fumbles - K.Joseph
Fewer INTs - K.Joseph
more wins - K.Joseph

Exactly... Its not even close.

Perhaps we should bring up the exact number of wins they each had?

What counts Touchdowns I thought so!

usually its statisticians that count touchdowns. Who is it that you thought did it?

Either way its not MVP its most outstanding player which isn't Josphef.

Burris should have been considered before KJ but the winner is Smith!

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YOur right Billy! I am just being silly again.