Kerry Joseph joins Riders

Taylor Shire ?@TShireGlobal now18 seconds ago
#Riders announce QB Kerry Joseph will join the team #CFL

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Riders GM Brendan Taman says they are bringing in veteran QB Kerry Joseph.

I think he's someone who always keeps himself in shape. :?

Is Durant's return cancelled ?

Ouch!!!! Smacks of a move made out of desperation by a desperate team. I wonder if they promised Kerry a rocking chair just to sweeten the deal. I mean what is Joseph age wise now ? In his sixties ? He was a good QB at one time,but that was 100 years ago,I somehow doubt that Grandpa is going to make a difference this year in Riderville,but hey,what the hell,good luck to them.....cause they're going to need it this year. :stuck_out_tongue:

Riders have finally found a replacement for Kory Sheets.
George Reed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, he's 41. Calvillo was that age at the beginning of the year when he hung 'em up. Burris is 39.

But word out of Riderville is that Darian's going to be a bit getting back. I don't know if I'd call them desperate yet, but they definitely realize that any hope of going places in the playoffs isn't going to be much if Tino Sunseri is tapped to start.

Good move by the Riders. Kerry is always in excellent shape. He'll add a good veteran presence at the position whether he starts or sees any action. He knows the role as having been in the same position in Edmonton the last few years. He doesn't need to walk on water. Hand the ball off to Allen/Messam. Manage the game. Don't take huge losses on sacks or throw INT's.

Great team guy from everything I hear. He was a guest coach with the New Orleans Saints this past training camp.

Kerry is a good dude. Hope he can add some stability out there.

He's 41 btw.

I didn't know that he was a guest coach for the Saints. That's interesting. I thought that he would have gotten a coaching position in Edmonton had they not cleaned house.

He's always seemed like a positive guy. Can't hurt. And I think it will lead to a position somewhere for him in the coaching ranks.

A guy like that should find a spot in the CFL. Come to think of it Sask doesn't have a QB coach.

Looks like Kerry is raring to go,I guess that Joe "747" Adams wasn't available :stuck_out_tongue: :cowboy:

What about Michael (arm punt) Bishop?

From what I remember, Joseph was brutal in his last season in the CFL. This is a desperation move driven by the fact that Seth Deoge (not sure if the spelling is right) showed in the Riders last game that he is not a pro QB.

The Riders will now sink or swim with Sunseri. If he falters, they are doomed.

This move screams desperation, and I posted about it in the Ti-Cat forum

However, the team is by no means doomed. They are still very likely to crossover, probably at the expense of Montreal or Toronto. This will be around the time Durant is likely to return, and I don't need to tell you that a Durant lead Riders is not a team you can look pass, even if they are playing away from home for the entire post season.

That’s a good move for the Riders, I think Kerry still has playing time left and will assist in experience to the younger guys, plus if he’s still in good shape, Kerry was a scrabbling QB and adds that dimension to his game, the ability to move the pocket and extend the field, he certainly has a good group of receivers to throw to.

Good Move by the Riders.

I guess Damon Allen asked for too much... lol

Cats need a short yards QB.
Maybe KJ could have helped.
Then again, I'd sign Kyle Quinlin in a second.

The Riders have lost faith in Doege and decided they need a veteran backup who can manage the game and not crap the bed if Sunseri goes down. Joseph has a history with Cortez, so he’s a round peg for the Riders.