Kerry Joseph Isn't The Answer

Or running...for even more yardage!

While I don't neccesarily agee that Joseph is horrible, I do see people's point. I myself dream of the day when we get a QB like Calvillo or Dickenson. We haven't had a good pocket passer running the Roughies since Austin.
I don't think that Joseph is horrible, but he is not the answer to our dreams

dream of dickenson?..u can pretend u already have him, and hes injured as always taking up space against your cap, hurting u more than he helps u.

I would say that while Joseph is adequate for now, we need to develop a young QB to take over when Joseph is done. I dont think Butler can be a #1 QB in this league, and one the things Tillman needs to do is to find a QB who can be a success in this league. The Eskimos find those types of QBs , Im not sure why we cant do the same thing.

...Joseph and Glenn have definite similarities....they seem to brain-cramp about the the games this week-end Glenn definitely was the better qb....and because of Glenns age in comparison to Josephs....will probably eclipse him in this league if he can stay me ...right now...they both look like no.2 guys in a no. 1 position...but they're improving... :thup:

There are 2 glaring differences in my mind between the 2. KJ has an arm that makes Kevin Glenn's look like nothign. THe other glaring difference is the contract...

Well after yesterdays game against Calgary, Kevin Glenn is suddenly the fourth highest rated Quarterback behind only Ray, Dickenson and Pierce. That puts him ahead of the likes of Calvillo, Burris, Joseph and Allen.

Not that stats are always the full picture but it does serve to make my point about liking Glenn more than Joseph.

There are alot of Rider fans around that prayed at the altar of Roy Shivers who conveniently overlooked that his QB recruitment way abysmal. It will be interesting to see if Tillman can do any better.

After Ottawa, Joseph doesn't appear to be much better in Saskatchewan although he is surrounded by better personnel. Joseph seems to have a habit of shining in the first half of seasons before injuries and worse performances in second halves. Joseph is almost as old as Dickenson but not as accomplished.

That is an interesting observation.
Let's compare the list of QBs that Roy brought into the league with the ones Tillman has found.
First Roy: Garcia, Dickenson, Burris, Glenn, Butler.
Now Eric: Joseph....I imagine there might be more, but I don't know who they are...
Anyway, you can criticise Roy for many things, but you cannot challenge his ability to find talent.

And overall, I have been pretty pleased with our QBing during Roy's stay

Joseph has not played as well as he did last year in Ottawa, but as I've pointed out before, despite his age, he is only in his third year at QB. And he showed in the Argo game that he has already learned something in those 3 years that Henry Burris has not learned in 10--when you are in trouble, throw the ball away!

The Argo defense makes a lot of QB's appear to have happy feet because they take away the pass.
Joseph is the ideal CFL QB IMO, can run like a RB and has a strong arm. Even though he is not young in years he'a still learning the QB position some what. Just needs a little more consistency. I think if the Riders had had more riding on the game Friday he would have pushed things a little more.

The Argos arguably have the best defence in the league.
Look at the points scored against them for evidence of that.
For more evidence, look at how brutal their offense is and then try to explain how they will likely finish first in the east--defense!

Kerry Joseph is the best athlete at the QB position in the league, and should get better as a QB.

'Nuff said.

Well the first three were recruited while he was working for Calgary. In 7 years with the Riders the only QB recruits to have started a game are Glenn and Butler. Glenn is OK, certainly no star. Butler? I think my criticism of his QB recruitment for the Riders stands.

Bottom line about Roy Shivers is that the man is by far the best GM, or more acurately past GM, at finding talent in the last 10-15 years, maybe longer.

So then why did the Roughriders play less than .500 football, even if you give him a break and exclude his first year, under his tenure?

perhaps coaching was the problem?

Could be. Who hired the coach? LOL

I dont think its really the coaching. I love Nealon Greene. Nobody else seems to. So do you think that he would have been amazing for say the lions as opposed to the riders?
Again its only KJ's 1st year with the riders...

First, you pretty much set up a direct comparison between Roy and Eric. One to one, it is an easy Roy victory
Secondly, I've been pretty happy with the QBs that Roy has brought into Riderville.
Except for year 2 when we went with Marvin Graves, our QBing has been good.
I am also a Nealon fan, and in 2002, he played very well.
In 2003, he was one of the top QBs in the league. And that single season is still the best year for the Riders at QB since Kent Austin left. And I count Burris' 2 years.
The only mistake was trading Kevin Glenn. We should have dumped Burris. (we should never have resigned him)
And while Joseph has not played quite to my expectations, I still prefer him to most of the QBs in the league.
And third, if you exclude Roy's first year here, and Tillman's year in TO, Roy kicks Tillman's butt in the win/loss catagory.

And finally, Kevin Glenn should be the east all-star QB this year, and after Ricky Ray is by far the best young QB in the CFL at the moment.
The only guy I would rather have as my starter is Ricky Ray. Dickenson is arguably the best QB, but given his age, and his medical history, Glenn is next.
Not a star?
Great--the Riders will take him...