Kerry Joseph Isn't The Answer

I was watching the ARgos-Sask game last night as a neutral observer. In fact I want Sask to win so that we'd have a big showdown for first next week in Hogtown between the Als and the ARgos.

But really, what should have been an easy win the for the Riders was made close by the pathetic quarterbacking of Kerry Joseph.

First off, its obvious the guy has happy feet. He's always bouncing around back there. He doesn't get himself set when he throws the ball. Thus he misses wide open targets. I lost count of the overthrows and underthrows he had last night.

One glaring play was he had Fantuz wide open on a long bomb but because Joseph was hopping around like a kangaroo his pass sailed weakly beyond Fantuz's reach. But I bet you Henry Burris or Dickenson or any other top QB in the league would have made that pass.

Then there was the screwed up handoff between him and Keith. Costing the Riders a field goal.

I had the sense watching Joseph that he just doesn't know what he's doing back there. The Riders have a good defence, but its offence is poorly run with strange calls, and your QB to me isn't the guy who will get you far. The fact he has happy feet tells all.

kerrys been hampered by a knee injury half this season..b4 the injury, he was 2 or 3rd in all QB stats and had one of the lowest amount ot INT's.

He may be hampered by the knee, but that doesn't explaing the happy feet. If he got set better he might be able to hit his targets.
I just don't think he has what it takes to win.

think what u want.

kerry is tied with burris for most TD passes this season, and he missed the 2 games against hamilton, where he would racked up 10 more.

kerrys ability to run is one of his strengths, as it keeps the opposing D guessing, and creates openings down field.

im lookin forward to how kerry does in his 2nd season with his new teammates in regina....i mean, his first season with a new system, new teammates, and an injured knee and he leads the team to atleast 9-9, possibly season should be better, and maybe a home playoff game in riderville.

If he has happy feet with a bad knee, imagine the bouncing around he would do it he didn't

Kerry's ability to run is the reason he's injured every season he's been in the CFL. It's great while he's around but the more you run the more you get hit.

I don't think he his smart enough or accurate enough to play the QB position without using his legs excessively so this trend will probably continue.

Besides happy feet the guy tries too many passes by flicking the ball with his wrist, instead of throwing it. Thats why he may be so inaccurate as well.

I also agree that he may not be smart enough to be QB. Which is why he seems to panic back there when his targeted reciever isn't open.

...insert a qb. like Ray or D.D. at the controls of the Riders....or the Bombers for that matter...and they become a very scary unit...i totally agree with the assessment of Joseph by berezin 99...and have since the beginning of the year when the Bombers passed on him in the Rens. dispersal... :wink:

If we could insert one of the two best QBs in the league, Dave Dickenson or Ricky Ray then we'd be awesome.
I bet the Argos would be a lot better if they had either of those guys as well, as opposed to old man walking.
Or how good would Calgary be if they had one of the 2 best QBs in the game?
Actually, when you think about it, I guess only BC and Edmonton can't upgrade by adding DD or RR.

One thing that people forget when assessing Joseph, is that the guy might be 34 years old, but he is only in his third full year as a QB.
And he is better than Henry Burris or Anthony Cavillo were in their 3rd year.
Might be better than Burris is after 8 years...

Funny though, picking on the QB for a fumble when it was likely KK who didn't know what the play was...besides the fact that those types of mistakes happen to everybody. Not just Joseph/KK.

Not only can he run, I watched yesterday at the dome the throws he made were on a bullit. He has a cannon for an arm.
I think he will do fine, definitely an upgrade in the QB position for the Riders from previous years.
I would take him for my Argos without question.

I believe that Joseph should have been sat for the 2nd half of the game last night… because he was totally ineffective, the only time they moved the ball is when they handed off to Keith or Bracey. Crandell needs the playing time,IMO, to at least be ready if needed in a game situation. I thought the Riders did not deserve the W last night. If the Riders play this way next week , they will finish 9-9, again.

good news tho, kerry didnt get banged up at all last he prolly helped his knee, without getting too rusty.

...i respect your frankness sambo....and your realistic view on what really happens in a football game....right-on.. :thup: ...

If you can't score points in the second half you won't win in the playoffs. Did Joseph even complete a pass in the second half? Did he even complete a pass longer than 15 yards in thhe whole game?

I know a lot of you would disagree with this but as a Bomber fan who has watched Glenn all year, I would rather have Glenn than Joseph as my QB. And I’m not trying to say Glenn is super amazing, I’m more trying to point out that Joseph is not at all amazing.

Then what would you say about the way Damon played, he was awfull. Looking more his age and the need to retire.

call printers ASAP..haha

I like the cut of your jib, laddy...

Well Joseph has not had a full year with his team. I think the guy is not bad for his first year with a new team. :lol:

I know the Argos didnt complete as pass over 15 yards...

See, Kerry Jospeh was smart last night... He made one really bad decision (his pick), but whenever there was no one open or when he was gonna get hit he just through it away. It makes his stats look horrible, but it was smart football. So im agreeing with you.