Kerry Joseph is on FIRE!

Kerry Joseph on fire!

picked up right where they left off against BC last week.

the crowd seems buzzing very loudly today, and kerry is giving them something to cheer about.

good I picked them to win

joseph just fumbles again, how many is that this season?

a good offensive effort wasted, cuz the D cant stop calgary.

every stamp possesion results in points.

missed tackles all game.

Deangelis is on fire! lol 5 for 5! and not boreham ranged field goals either.

43-20 for Calgary in the 4th quarter. 2 touchdown catches for Thurmon. Good thing you let him go.

I hope you don't stay in LAST PLACE for too long, riders. Because LAST PLACE is not a good place to be. At least it's not a blowout, lolol.

If Joseph isn't on fire now, he will be. The Rider fans will be burning him in effigy after this game. :lol:

kerry joseph had a great game, lets be honest here....28 points.

but the D has let calgary score on 9 outta 10 drives..thats pathetic.

Special team are hurting the Riders tonight as well, the Armstead play was brutal.

another TD...and with Dmac at the helm.

riders amazing D didnt show up when thier offence did...they cant get on the same page for the same game.

50-28 Calgary. Perhaps it is the rider Defense that should be burned in effigy after the game.

Time to retool saskatchewan!! Things aren't looking so good right now!! LAST PLACE!!!!

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

this is the 2nd in 3 games the defence got torched.

and now a special teams turnover....omg.

The Rider offence did show up, but the D and special teams were out to lunch on this one… no reason why they shoudnt have been prepared to play this game… again the Riders choke in a big game, early in the year.

No big shock there, sambo.....

I wanna know what happened to the D. Solid last year, carried it over to preseason, then crapped the bed when it really counts. What gives? Ticks me off.....

Yes I agree jm, some players need to be brought in and some jobs have to be on the line...

53 - 28 Calgary. Where are all the loud and proud rider fans that have so much to say after blowout losses? I CAN'T HEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAR YOUUUUUUUUUU!!! Your silence is deafening. And this humiliating loss was at home. Against a divisional opponent.

LAST PLACE. That's right. You heard me. I said it. LAST PLACE. No tie breakers this time. You have soul possession. Of LAST PLACE.

Good halftime adjustments by the Stamps, smart to have Burris throw less and run more in the third quarter. Maybe Joseph shoula kept running early in the Third? At least the first half was fun.

Coaching determined this game. Stamps made all the necessary adjustments at the half.. Riders seemed to actually get worse. This team doesn't want to play for Barrett/Shivers I think.. they gave up... sad to see I think this rivalry is just about dead.

don’t worry riderfnas, you’ve got edmonton competing with you to be the worst in the west, and edmonton winning that race despite the squeek through vs BC. edmonton=worst in west

Wow, you must really have a fascination with Edmonton, it's all you seem to be talking about now. You should seriously consider moving out of that shit hole of a city you live in.