Kerry Joseph is back and is going to Edmonton...

Zabransky is the starter…that’s not a question. with Ray out they need some depth. KJ offers that and more imo but Zabransky will have every chance to excel.

he had poor years in Toronto because they tried to make him a pocket passer.. about the dumbest thing they could possibly have done to a guy who, at 35, was still easily the most athletic QB in the game. they also gave him no help at all.

yes.. he's now 37 and possibly out of game shape (he's probably kept himself in great shape, but you never know).. but Tillman actually knows how to use KJ.. so I wouldn't be surprised at all to see him play very well.

but really, even if he doesn't.. it's sure worth a shot. Maas has generally been pretty near useless ever since the first time he left Edmonton and especially over the past three years. I doubt they're going anywhere under him. Joseph also plays a more similar style to Zabransky so it's less of an adjustment. If Ray doesn't play again this year, I'd much rather have KJ as a back-up than Maas.

Good for Kerry. I was surprised that he had not been called up sooner in the season. If not for the situation he went into in TO I think he would have developed into one of the better QB's in CFL history. I doubt that he will really get any playing time this season but I hope he gets a shot somewhere next season. I felt quite sorry for him going from the top of the heap in 2007 down into the depths of despair in the following seasons. Good Luck Kerry.

I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I agree with ArgoTom... and Kristjan. To the person who mentioned possibly trading Joseph... who the hell would want to trade for a 37-38 year old QB? He ain't Brett Favre.

Adding depth for the stretch run... OK, I can see it, but... eh. I probably would've gone with Zabransky and Maas. As someone else mentioned, Joseph isn't going to be familiar with the offence, and with only two weeks left in the season, is this really the time to start inserting new players at the most important position?

For the sake of the esks hopefully he is just a practice roster insurance thing. I feel like tillman is turning esks into riders2.0

And Taman is turning the Riders into Bombers 2.0 and some might say that Obie turned the Ti-Cats into Lions 2.0. When people get recycled as much as they do in the CFL, stuff like this is bound to happen. Guys get comfortable with certain guys. As long as you bring in the right guys, it shouldn't hurt too much.

Also, what are the odds that Tillman tries to get John Chick to Edmonton should Chick get cut in Indy?

Very true. I guess I should be happy we get to see the same players every year. In the NFL your a star one year and can't get a job the next. Not always just sometimes. Iike Sean Alexander. I would like to see tillman do to the esks what he did with the riders as far as quality canadians and trusting Canadian talent goes. I think if chic comes back he is bound for regina. But I hope he sticks in the NFL

He's purely for insurance, surely, and unless they have only signed him for the rest of the season and playoffs, they'll have four quarterbacks once Ray comes back. One of them will have to go. This might be Maas's last hurrah, so that'll leave them with Ray, Zabransky and Joseph next year unless they trade one of them. Nobody will likely want Joseph.

hey, somebody has to run the ( I forget the term for it ) other teams offense in practice.

Joseph has signed a practice roster deal for this season and conditional deal for 2011.

Here's the source:

I know Twitter is hardly reliable, but here it is anyhow.

That is the official line yes... but since they will presumably active Joseph as the #3 if Ray isn't returning anytime soon... how much temptation will there be for Tillman and Hall to forget the plan and go with the old vet for the sake of going with the old vet quick and early if Zabransky has another shaky start? Thats what I don't want. If Z is someone the Esks want to groom for the new few seasons for a situation where Ray decides to retire or is traded in a high-profile deal, he has to get the time when its available on the field to either shine or stink. Z knows that Maas isn't on the roster to push him out of a starting job, but Joseph....

not the time for the esks to worry about next yr. They should do whatever they feel is best for the next two games.

Works for me it they dont though :wink:

The Eskimos need to look to the future at the quarterback position. Ray's and Maas's best years are behind them.

If Maas is an assistant coach then put him in that position, get him out of the backup to the backup quarterback postion.

I now Ray is the highest paid player and has some wonderful stats but the only stat that counts is team wins and losses and Ray is somewhere around average - the same number of wins and losses. Ray is a pocket passer and for variety he rolls out and passes. The Defence knows exactly where Ray will be and only need to rush to that spot. The O-line needs to be a super O-line to protect Ray. I can see Ray being traded in the offseason.

Zabransky is the best light for the future, he can only improve. I would like to see the Zee start the rest of the games. He may have some off games but what I have seen he has learned and mutured.

Joseph is also a good acquisition - he is hungry to play

I think they got KJ for 3 reasons:
1 prevent others like maybe Lions from picking him up, as Lulay is still a rookie.
2 Maas is incapable of playing
3 The Esks had such success having the QB running the ball on play action that they now have a effective 1 and 2 punch . with the O-line doing much better and bad weather on the horizon the Esks have a very dangerous running attack .

I think tillman just likes KJ and feels sorry for him

I asked this in the Esks forum. What exactly is the deal with Maas?

Is he trying to make up for trading Joseph to Toronto? :lol:

If KJ is still in good shape he can be very dangerous if he gets to the outside, I think Maas is done so KJ is a good back-up to have

KJ's contract is not 'guaranteed' ... it simply gives the Esks his rights so that they can bring him into TC if they want. He could still be released before then. Nothing to see there really.

Look at Wpg. What if Zab gets dinged on a run and Maas aggravates his shoulder in relief. That would mean the Esk would have to risk RR before he was ready and use raw rookie Nicols as backup with no #3. Having someone who knows the CFL as an insurance policy is sound.

Maas should be backing up Zab. If he's not, then I'd be pi$$ed. Why? Because there is no way KJ, veteran of the league and all, could realistically be able to jump in and be really successful with the O. Maas not only understands the O he helps to design the plays and works with the QBs so that they understand it.

This is a superb analysis Oilerroocker and explains this move for sure. :thup:

Really? I don't think so.

  1. Do you really think that an aging KJ is the answer to the Lion's woes at QB? I certainly don't. And besides, BC had plenty of time to pick up KJ prior to this. That they didn't would indicate they weren't interested.
  2. I'd like to see something more concrete than one fans observation. The Maas we saw earlier this season came in behind that swiss cheese OLine. Hardly a situation from which the casual observer could assess 'incapability'.
  3. Doesn't really have any bearing on why the Esks signed KJ. Unless the poster thinks that KJ still has the legs at 37 years old.