Kerry Joseph is back and is going to Edmonton... Arash Madani via Twitter.


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well ok.

but this is not good news for Edmonton, that Ray is out 2-4 weeks.

it's too bad Edmonton has 2 sad teams left.. (or if you're an Esks fan.. Fortunately!)

Well, he should be healthy.

But is he in shape? And how are his knees?

Knees would be fine, in game shape? I wouldn't be too worried, that guy has always been in great shape.

I think this is a brilliant move by Esks and Tillman who’s always known how to use Joseph. The idea that Toronto, with no play action threat, tried to turn a poor passer with great mobility into a pocket passer was laughable.

At the beginning of the year I thought it was a no brainer that Winnipeg would sign him as a willing back-up but they didn’t. Still puzzled why they didn’t do that.

He’s going to be in great shape and is a superb athlete. He’s a young old guy. With the emerging smash mouth style of Edmonton’s play his athleticism could be huge. Never a great QB he is a playmaker and that is what Eskies need. They seem so much more energized with Zabransky in there and now they can keep up that style of play. Granted I’ve been saying for 2 months that Ray should be traded so my bias is clear.

In any event Ray may never see the field again this year. Absolutely the most dangerous team in the CFL now I’d say. Although Calgary may have a thing to say about that. They still are the cream of the crop. But it could get interesting. Hell it already is.

I can’t imagine he knows the play book very well.

True. That’ll temper my enthusiasm.
he’ll be close to full bore for the semi though.
hmmmmm…in Sask. Interesting how things come around. Oh the nashing of teeth there.

Ray must be pretty severely injured in that case. Enough so for them to go with Zabransky in must win games.
This signing gives them good depth for sure.

Mid season it looked like the playoffs could be a predictable yawn, but my how times have changed! It's going to be VERY interesting from here on.

I just can't see how this acquisition for the Esks can be anything but worthwhile. Zabransky will likely start with Joseph maybe getting maybe half a game depending on how it goes. The question is what do they do with all these quarterbacks once Ray comes back? If Joseph shines they could have some serious trade bait available. The more I think about the more I like this move.

At 37 and after the poor two years with the Argos, what could KJ have left in the tank?
Of course, it appears he will be a back up only.

Yup definitely in agreement with Rpaege.

For sure Zabransky is the designated starter throughout I’d say. But now the back-up, who I think will be Joseph ultimately, can create and keep up the energy when called upon. I suspect he will certainly have some plays designed for him regardless.

How much pride does Maas have left I wonder.

Lots of pride and a team guy throughout.

he’ll be Eskie assistant coach next season I suspect.

When I first read the headlines, I was scratching my head....but I didn't know Ricky Ray might be done for the season.

I guess kj is the insurance policy.

Maas is destined to be a coach in the organization I'm sure. He loves it there and I think Edmontonians really like the guy.

I would take mass over K.J. personally. I honestly didn't think he would get picked up this year. We just need bishop Back for Winnipeg again so this thread can be repeat of the off season. I hope they don't put k.j. Above mass on the depth chart

By "poor passer" you must mean accuracy because the guy has a cannon for an arm. I once watched him throw the ball 80 yards in the air. It was a site to behold.

yup…accuracy is his nemesis, not strength for sure. But he is more accurate on the roll as opposed to pocket.

First Armstead and Armstrong, now this... OK Armstead did pay off in his first game as an Eskimo to be fair!

Zabransky went through his growing pains early on and then did more than enough to get us a big win over Saskatchewan, and so we bring in an old QB who hasnt' tasted success since 2007.... I'm not one of those 'anoint Zabransky, trade Ray' homers by any stretch, but what a bittersweet followup to his first win as a starter: "Yeah, you were great kid, but we're not sure if you can do it again, so we brought in this old veteran with a GC ring...." Not what Tillman or Hall would have said of course, but that has to be the thinking no? I guess I can't blame them, but why not wait and see if Z can get himself into a rhythm over the last couple games of the season and lead us into the playoffs, at least until such time as Ray may be able to return? Are we that worried that Winnipeg was gonna give KJ a call before this weekend's tilt at Commonwealth???

to be fair, KJ was with the argos after that 2007 season.
an argo team that had a terrible o-line and no help at receiver.

KJ, when surrounded with good receivers, has shown ability to get'er done.
he had different receivers game in and game out during his time in double blue...most are not in this league anymore.

isn't that what happened to KJ after he won a grey cup ring and MOP?