Kerry Joseph benched....

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I swear Rich Stubler had the same idea earlier this season when he wanted to start Bishop....hhmm

I really don't do this.. but on this one... if the Argos don't want him, we'll take him!!!

The Argos are in a mess. So they're going to start 3rd stringer Pickett. Fine but what do you tell Reggie McNeal who was promised a shot at QB when he left the NFL and was the 2nd stringer until he agreed to help the club and play WR? So for helping out the team in a pinch, McNeal loses his shot at QB. That makes 2 unhappy QBs in Argo land--McNeal and of course KJ.

An Argo-Cat fan

Why do we want this guy? He is 33/34 years old and is showing no flashes of brilliance he had last year. He needs to go to a perfect situation with perfect talent suited to his abilities.

This guy is no Doug Flutie who can do whatever with whomever.

Is McNeal completely healthy? He took a bad hit in the 3rd quarter and missed several series of downs after that.

And somewhere in Sask Bishop is laughing his ass off.

I d take KJ in a heart beat ONLY IF he comes with Kent Austin and the rest of the Riders coaching staff from last year.

I agree. I dont’ want him either. I have nothing against him but he doesn’t offer anything we don’t already have.

Regarding Doug, he was great and he was lucky. He didn’t do whatever with whomever - he played for great teams his whole career. I dont’ remember what BC was like when he played there, but Calgary and Toronto were stacked teams. He played for the Calgary dynasty of the 90’s and then for the high priced, designed to win the grey cup Argos. Joseph hasn’t had that luxury.

It shows you that the team a player plays for does matter. We’ve seen it with both Kerry and Casey having struggles when they don’t have an all star cast around them. I suspect that Doug wouldn’t have been so magic on lesser teams as well. Not taking anything away from any of them, but one guy can’t do it all.

Isn’t everybody (with the exception of current Argos)? :smiley:

Bishop had his chance for years with the Argos. It just wasn’t the right fit for him. Saskatchewan might be. I’m not convinced that starting Bishop would’ve done anything for the Argos.

Guess Joseph's PAYCHEQUE bounced this week :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like the Argos are SUFFERING the same MALAISE the Hamilton is ... a TOTAL Lack of TEAM Chemistry ...

It ALL began with Pinball Clemons' departure. Followed by the NEEDLESS trade for Kerry Joseph. Continued with the RELEASE of Prefontaine and subsequent signing of Vanderjagt.

Stubler was unable to create ANY unity in the clubhouse and THEN Steinauer was RELEASED.

The TOPPER was the out right FIRING of Stubler and subsequent addition of a new HC.

The good ship Argonaut is nothing more than a Patched up RUBBER Dinghy.

Apparently, those running the show there FAILED the SAME Baking Class as Obie.


…due (as reported by the Globe and Mail) to the fact that Pinball didn’t entirely depart.

You really know how to hurt a guy. :frowning:

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Well the film doesn't lie so the Don says!

I have always said that if you have a good defense you can live with mediocre offense. Argos were able to win last year mainly because the D shortened the field for the O. Joseph is not the great QB everyone thinks he is. Sure he had a good year, but football is a team effort.

Looks like the Don and Marcel B went to the same school when it comes to taking over as Head Coach and shaking up the QB situation. Pickett…Porter…its gonna be fun to see what they can do.

He is not showing flashes of brilliance because he’s not playing in the scheme that’s designed for him. The Argos want him to stay in the pocket and be a drop back passer. KJ is brilliant at rolling out like he’s going to run and then passing or rolling out and running. This guy is a 1,000 yard runner and they’re not letting him.
The Argo schemes just haven’t worked.
I don’t even think Doug Flutie would succeed in the drop back scheme that that the Argos are currently using. They want a very tall drop back passer to stand in and wait for the receivers to get open.

Yup, and thats what makes this situation hilarious.