KERRY JOSEPH BENCHED....Cody Picket to start

Pinball should resign in disgrace!!!

Bishop should have been the starter...its all on Pinball, the whole season is on his shoulders. Joseph may be cut

That's ridiculous, Pinball is not the GM. Besides that, Bishop wouldn't have done any better. The defense is horrible, the whole system on offense is terrible. Joseph would still be doing good if he was on a better coached team with better receivers and a running back.

what are you talking about...joseph is the running back :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yeah, I guess, maybe he should throw to himself too.

Well pinball left the coaching aspect it is appears the offense and defense has come all unglued. This team needs to get its sh!t together and start playing some football.

:lol: That'd keep everyone guessing....wasn't that in an episode of the bionic man? (I'm showing my age here.....

Sounds like "The Don" is stirring things up again!

Prove it.

You keep saying this season is all on Pinner's shoulders. How so? Do you know any information that would lead to this? Speak up then.

Being the passionate Argo's fan that you are - jumping ship and cheering for the Riders - is only further proving you're just another plastic fan.

A point not observed by a few fans on this forum...

Plastic fan LOl! That's a keeper

I can't stand it! I am sick of everybody coming down on Joseph! Here is a guy coming off an amazing year as a professional football player. Not only did his team win the Grey Cup he was named the leagues most outstanding player. He is getting ready for the new season then.......BAM....... he was traded to a team that already had an amazing well liked QB in Bishop. The players, fans and probably some of the Argo staff thought it was a stupid decision and took it out on Joseph! He didnt stand a chance of being liked by anyone in TO. Matthews is just trying to make nicey nicey with his players by benching Joseph so the players who wanted him gone got their wish. The whole mess sickens me! Maybe the Argo owners are trying to get us season ticket holders to stop buying to make way for their NFL team..... SICK SICK SICK!

Well whomever starts I hope you kick the stamps but.

To even suggest at this point that Pinball is not totally responsible for the season???

He left the GM and HC out of all the decision making. He acted as the GM and player personel guy. Basically what the Gliebermans did in Ottawa.

Yes I have turned on my life long team

So you're gonna tell me that Adam Rita is doing sweet %# all for the Argo's? You're saying that Rich Stubler and now the Don have not had a single bit of input?

Let's put those ideas aside. Let's entertain your opinion. So what should the Argo's do? Get rid of Pinner? Because of what you consider to be a season so horrible that you have left for the Green pastures of Riderville? Such a plastic thing to do.

Would getting rid of the disease that is Pinball Clemons make everything better? Lest we forget the solid coaching job he did for the team the last years?

I'm clearly not as in-the-known as you are with your sources on the team.


I expect to see Joseph playing by the second half or even the second quarter. the don is a cagey fellow who likes to create the game in his own image. but he’s not a fool. he’ll have joseph in that game.

I am so disappointed with the management of the team this year. We just needed some tweaking from last year. Instead the whole team gets blown-up without any mentoring and good players have been let go for no reason. It was Pinball's, recommendation that put Rich Stubler in the coaching position with authority and he had the right to keep or get rid of any player he chose, the decisions were clearly not thought out, nor were replacement mentored. Unfortunately, for Kerry Joseph, he is stuck in this mess the Argo's have created and good for Bishop, who won us a playoff spot last year - he has a hunger to play, and loves the game, he didn't leave arena football, to sit on the bench.

Rich Stubler had the power to make the personnel decisions? This totally goes against that 'Pinball is the one making the decisions here' theory of yours, eh Argofanone?