Kerry Joseph/Bart Andrus thread

I like our QB controversy better, but I digress. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


Well, by the Bart "Simpson" Andrus standards... Joseph just punched his Coast Guard Helicopter ticket off the sinking Blue Nose 66

Good call HalfTheDistance

Like ive said in some post's. Some coaches hate when ya talk out and say what is on your mind .. Some coaches like it and say okay let's give him a chance to take those emotions into the week prepare and play.

If the idiot used Joseph's strengths which is running and throwing rather than trying to make him a pocket QB, he probably wouldn't need to be benched. Make's as much sense as Kelly's 5 play offensive wonderbook.

.... I smell another trade coming

I could see Joseph being shipped to Edmonton if Ray stinks out the joint again this week. Maccioccia seems to make a trade every week. And the Eskimos are on a downward slide.

I have a feeling he'll being going to the Peg, they may think after 2 wins that they have the #1 QB in the league in Michael Bishop but truth is they could do a hell of alot better with Joseph.

You've gotta give Joseph credit though. Some guys complain when they get benched. He complains when they're talking about re-inserting him into the starting line-up.

"Leave me on the bench, coach - for the sake of the team!"

Joseph has always been a class act. This guy can win games for you, I'm sure that if they had left him in earlier in the season the Argos would be ahead of Winnipeg right now. Every QB will go through a few rough patches. Picket should be watching and learning from the sidelines.

So, I beg to wonder...if Byron Parker is worth a 4th round draft pick, what would the Argos ask for Joseph if he is shipped off??? A neg list player perhaps????

He'll get dumped.. No team will take on his salary

The MOP award has not exactly been the tickey to riches for CFL QBs the past decade or so. Other than #13 from the Alouettes, several of the lucky winners have seen their careers disintegrate in the ensuing years.

Khari Jones/01 ... Casey Printers/04 ... Damon Allen/05 .... Kerry Joseph/07. Even runner-up Glenn/07 did not get much love the following season.

Seems like a quirky aspect of our league that someone so valued, at a position so important, cna be so easily cast aside.

Argos coach clears the air over dissent

Sean Fitz-Gerald, National Post

Thursday, October 08, 2009

[url=] ... id=2079390[/url]
Bart Andrus would like you to know he does not oppose freedom of expression,

and that despite the media speculation and
complaints from a few disgruntled former employees,

he tends not to "do anything drastic
to anybody who has an opinion.

We all know Arland Bruce was shipped out
for public comments he made to the press.

Andrus also shipped out Byron Parker, a two-time C.F.L all-star,
to Edmonton for his public comments for a puny 4th round draft pick.

Bart Andrus' stated reason for shipping him out was,

[Byron] Parker, was not better than any of the 3 or 4 defensive backs

ahead of him on the depth chart.

The real reason was Andrus stated publicly
that Byron Parker wasn't starting because

he hadn't picked up the Argo's defence
because it was a very complex defence.

Byron disputed that opinion publicly

saying it wasn't any more complex than the defence
he learned as a kid in Pop Warner [minor] football.

I sure don't have that feeling. Bishop and Joseph in the same locker room again? I don't believe either Bishop, Joseph, or the Bombers want that. . .