Kerry Joseph back to Riderville in '09???

just watched the TSN CFL round table playoff edition on panel speculate about QB changes in toronto, hamilton and sask. most agree Bishop is out in sask, KJ-4 is out in toronto and printers is out of the hammer.

seeing as how the riders were sunk by bishop almost all the games he started ( he doesnt seem to know to throw to the green team ), i wouldnt be surprised if tillman works a deal which sees the 2007 MOP back in rider green. KJ would prolly be willing to take a paycut to return to a real football team in a real football town.

bishop will FINALLY get the boot from the league, and Printers maybe in toronto, while Porter becomes the new starter in the hammer...IMO

what u guys think.

No. It's time for Saskatchewan to start giving the younger guys a break (figuratively, of course...that team has had enough literal breaks this season). As much as I liked Joseph, I'd rather go with Durant, Jyles, and Bell next year than have Joseph back.

I'll be interesting what happens to Joseph, I don't see him back in Riderville. Bishop I think is gone, could be a good 2nd stringer for a while if he wants this role, somewhere. Printers, who knows.

It would be beneficial for the young guys to have a veteran backing them up. I'm not sure if that will be Joseph or not. I really don't see Durant coming back. It doesn't look like the management feels he's the QB of the future in Sask.

I agree. I would be more shocked if Durant does re-sign with the Riders than I would be if he doesn't.

If you could get a quater back who can manage the game, (dunno if thats the type durant is) keeping Bishop around or even bringing KJ in as a back up might be beenifical. Then you can have your QB who manages the game but if in the 4th your'e down big and you need the big plays you can bring KJ or Bishop off the bench and if they make the mistakes who cares you're down anyways but if they hit a few big plays and take the lead then its all good. Bishop showed he is the type of QB who can get you back in a game you're down but not the type you want to manage the game.

Joseph and the offense were clicking in the final four games. I don't see him leaving Toronto.

You might want to add Winnipeg to the mix, I don’t think they are too sold on Kevin Glenn…some QB for QB trades may be in the offing this offseason.

Porter should definitely be the starter in Hamilton. Printers needs to be given the boot, as does Bishop. If KJ is interested in taking up a similar role as DD in Calgary, then I could maybe see him coming back... But I agree with jm, they should start developing their younger guys. It's a shame Durant won't be back... he might be the best one.

who would want jospeh now. he was consistantly the worst starter this year in the cfl. he has proven to me once again that he doesn;t have this amazing ability that every believes he does. he had a good system in regina and it has sicne changed. if you ask me the riders got better qb;s in jyles and durand. that is so long they cut mr. interception michael bishop

He certainly looked pretty good against a top notch defense in the season finale, 5 TDs 0 Ints. He still has game left, the problems were way bigger than him in Toronto. Too much squabling up above seemed to effect the product they put on the field.

The problem with the riders bringing Joseph back for 2009, is that Tillman would be basically admitting that it was ego that prompted the trade and not salary. Tillman won't do that.

I think you missed a team that is looking for a QB and that would be Winnipeg.

He we go wiht my prediction Winnipeg introduces KJ as their new QB for next year. Kevin Glenn goes to TO and the riders introduce their new starting qb one Casey Printers. Mike Bishop gets a job at KFC. Anyway so much for the fun. I would say TO, Regina and Winnipeg will all see new QB's next year in any of those combinations.

It will be interesting for sure in the QB front this winter.
I suspect the domino effect will start when and if the Cats either release or trade Printers.
You would think they will try to trade for him first to get something back?
Either the Argos will pick him up or trade for him. If not, I would take Bishop back in a heartbeet for sure over Joseph.


Last time they played against each other, Joseph 5 TD passes, Bishop 4 interceptions; in the west final, Bishop threw 3 more picks and had a fumble for variety.

And you'd rather have Bishop?

Regardless of yesterday, to me Bishop still has a much better upside then Joseph. As he proved it during the regular season.Plus the age factor, 32 vs. 36 soon to be.

Woe to any team that takes Printers. I say the guy is done. He is the football equivalent of the one hit wonder band. One good year when he won MOP, he's been consistently crap since then. Not only that, but the guy is injury prone now. How many games did he miss this year?

Even if someone is crazy enough to take him, I doubt his ego will allow him to play for peanuts, which is all anyone would offer him now. He'd probably rather go play arena football or something.

...Printers is definitely out in the hammer.....possible to Wpg. or T.O.....Tilman might even have a look ....wherever he goes it will be for a rejigged contract.....Durant has said he would try free agency at about the time of the Crandell episode ,but now says he wouldn't mind staying in Riderville.... he'll probably like more money, he might get it and stay put , especially now knowing Bishop is a dud..Glenn will probably get cut in the Peg IF he doesn't re-negotiate his contract....can't see Glenn doing that so he'll also get a look from Tilman....Whatever happens, there's definitely going to be some surprises, in the off-season, in the qb. dept. for sure....anyones guess... :roll:

i'll put it this way. i would rather have keving glenn then either one of them. I don't think any one of them are any better then glenn. big play risk takers that get burned more often then not. bishops has consitantly been high on the charts for anount of interceptions and low in the number of touchdowns. and other then last year when joseph had a good system and a very very well coached team he has been all the same. neither on of them are sound quarterbacks. So in all rights if i ran a team in the cfl i wouldn;t even bother with any of them.

Hamilton has 2 good qb's with porter and williams. both who have gone out moved their offence against good defenses and won games.

and winnipeg still wants to test dinwiddie and now to me has great potential in bryan randall. in football its not only going out and getting good players its developing them. same to saskatchewan i would rather have durand or jyles then bishop. guys who can manage a game make the play when needed and win football games.

to me both joseph and bishop are on the block to be dumped or put lower down in the depth charts