Kerry Joseph and Jason Armstead are Saskatchewan Roughriders

The Riders picked Quarterback Kerry Joseph first overall and then acquired Wide Receiver Jason Armstead with their third overall pick. GREAT news for rider fans. We had to give up Corey Holmes and Scott Gordon for it, but IMO it was well worth it.

This was an awesome trade. To all the Danny and Roy basher its time to eat some crow.

I was just at the TSN message board. I swear 3/4 of rider fans were bitching about this trade. Yes, a 4500 pass/1000 run QB and a 1000 yard receiver for an average canadian safety and a 30 year old back up running back/punter returner/back up receiver is a bad trade. Whatever

I swear rider fans are retards.

I doubt if any of those people even go to the games.

Good Luck Corey

I think we should have traded Kenton Kieth. Im really happy with are picks though. but arnt those guys salarys like. big?

Well, I'm disappointed we lost Holmes, but I also understand it's for the greater good. And I still don't like Shiv - one good task doesn't make me change my mind. We'll see by the end of the season if he's won any favour. Still, though, I am happy with the pickups. Now, do we cut Greene, or Butler? And, if it's Butler, how happy is Greene going to be knowing he could be a third string quarterback?

We cut Greene. Greene has the price tag. Plus it just gets him out of the organization and then we have absolutely no chance of him playing. Which all in all is what I wanted.

Greene should be happy he'll still have a job! and theres no way hamilton would of taken kenton keith because they don't need a running back with ranek, they took holmes for his special teams ability and possibly receiver, i'm kind of angry about this but i know deep down inside it was the right choice to do this trade, soo good luck corey!! i'm still gonna wear your jersey at the games! and so i guess now its dorsey's turn to step up! him and armstead better make some noise on special teams!

I was dissapointed that the Riders never picked up SB Pat Woodcock. overall I think the Riders picked up 2 receivers. one of them in the fifth or sixth round. I think picking Woodcock would have helped the receiving core just that much more.

overall i guess they did good. sad to see Corey holms Traded. I would have much rather seen Kenton Keith traded. but I guess those are the hard chioces to deal with when you are the General Manager and assistant General Manager.

i guess a lot of Riders fans have said enough about the draft and trade :smiley: sad to see Corey go :cry: but i am very happy about the whole draft :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: good job Shivers 8) improves the team :mrgreen:

I hate this trade.. With a passion.. Armstead was a good pickup.. But they shouldn't have traded Holmes. He was the best player on our team bar none.. If Keith would've gone, that would've been MUCH better. Crandell could've done just as good of job with holmes, armstead, and dominguez...

Why do you guys still think Hamilton would've taken Keith instead of Holmes? Keith isn't as valuable as Holmes was.

Anyways I believe we didn't take Woodcock because of his salary. He's owed $120,000 this year and he had a very off year last year.

To get a lot you have to give a lot. Riders are starting to look good this year.

I agree with RIDERS_SUPER_FAN. I think Kerry Joseph is great... Dont get me wrong. But Marcus Crandell could throw the ball to Armstead and MD easily. I really hate seeing Corey go. He is a great guyboth on and off the field. One thing about the trade and securing the 1st overall pick was very important. We prevented Hamilton from selecting Jason Armstead. If they had their pick, Im pretty sure they would have taken him. So in that sense, that was, in my opinion, the best part of this trade.

and i heard DB say on tv that they (the riders) already had inquiries about both Nealon and Marcus Crandell. So we'll see what happens...

We would not have gotten Armstead, without giving up Holmes. The Ticats would most likely have taken him, as that is obviously the type of player they wanted. We probably wouldn't have gotten Joseph either. I am fine with this trade.

I am happy you guys got two talented players I hope they make your dreams come true.

I like the fact we got Joseph and Armstead....but i do have some reservations about Joseph... he is 33, hasnt really accomplished anything in the short time he has been in the CFL, so he is pretty much unproven in this league. Corey Holmes is too high a price to pay in my estimation. Unless Joseph and Armstead have career years here, the Riders arent going very far in 2006. They might make it close, but i still feel that they will miss the playoffs, but will give Calgary all they can handle for that final playoff spot in the west.

I think the west is a complete Crap shoot now. I think it will come down to injuries and which team handles them the best

The west IS now too close to call. Any one of the 4 teams could end up in first or fourth. Billy Soup is right, the last one standing wins. As for the trade, I was devastaded when I first read it, but over the course of the evening I am beginning to think that all will work out. Joseph is a definite step up and is a good starter. I do beleive though that right now the Riders have the 2 best back-ups in the league. Will the riders trade one?

MY thoughts are i think this trade will be for the better. I mean, last year, saskatchewan’s defence almost did as much moving with interceptions and sacks than our offence did trying to pass the ball. Coery will be missed dearly on special teams and on the offence. But i think that the RB Dorsi they were trying out near the end of the season might break through this year. He seemed to have a lot of speed, just needed a little more time on the field to show his stuff. Szarka can get in there a little more with less running talent in the backfield.

With saskatchewan always somehow finding these players that come out of nowhere, i think this maybe a season that relies heavily on defence for a while, once the offence gets rolling a little bit, injury free, it may be a good year. If not, cant be much more worse than last year. Just wont get to see corey holmes run a kick-off return in the riders first regular season game. First play not to mention.

Probably from WInnipeg! :wink:

Who has the best depth......In the QB Department I think the Depth in the West Breaks down like this:

(1) Calgary Burris / McManus
b Sask [/b]Joseph / Crandell
b BC [/b]Dickenson / Pierce
b Edmonton [/b]Ray / ?????