Kerry Joseph An Eskimo

Kerry Joseph to join Esks Tuesday
By Mario Annicchiarico, October 25, 2010 9:04 PM

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What?? They must be crazy.

Doc: Never underestimate Eric Tillman when it comes to football.
There have also been rumours the Blue team was interested in re-signing Joseph.

Which Blue Team are you referring to?

The Blue Team in Manitoba is desperate for help at the QB position.

So desperate that they have asked Don Jonas to come out of retirement.

How and why it went down:

They have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Obviously, Maas is not in the team's long term plans so that leaves the Esks with just 2 QBs for next season, Ray and Zabransky. Joseph could be a more than adequate backup to Ray next year. They have 2 games to see if he has anything left.

An Argo-Cat fan

Tillman keeps Joseph out of Winnipeg whom the Eskies play this week. It also creates a trade option in the off-season as a couple teams will be looking for a QB.

I have been on this and the previous Tiger-Cats website for more than 10 years and as far as I can see there has only been one "Blue" team as far as this website is concerned. The team was started by the Toronto Rowing Club back in the 1870's used the dark blue from Oxford and the light blue from Cambridge as their colours. It's the "double blue"...the "blew".....the Boatmen. All these references have been used to avoid the name of the Toronto team that shall not be mentioned on this website. :slight_smile: Plus they were in blue long before Winnipeg took the name of Blue Bombers.
Winnipeg has never been known as the "Blue" team on this website......or anywhere else as far I know. The only thing close was Labatt's Blue which I believe was named after the Blue Bombers.
But here on this website we have called them (among a few things!) the Bombers.....Blue Bombers, Bummers.....Spies. They were also called the Winnipegs before they changed their colours from green to blue and gold.
To me, the only thing the Toronto CFL franchise has that I would be happy to celebrate, is their title as being "The Blue Team." :wink:

Winnipeg media often refers to their team as the "Blue". Not "the Blue team," just Blue. I always find it confusing because that's not how I think of them. They're more yellow than blue to me.

Come to think of it ... what a silly word. "Blue". Seems like it's missing a consonant or something.

Now, "Black" and "Gold" - those are real colours! No ambiguity there. Strong words, strong colours.