Kerry Joseph 3rd best QB in league?

just lookin at the QB stats on the main page...this has to be considered a suprise to many people, but Kerry joseph is in the top 2 or 3 in every catagory....and Glenn is 3rd in yards

it looks like the cream is rising to the top now that they are playing on good teams.

QB efficency:

Dickenson 104.6
Ray 102.8
Joseph 95.7


Dickenson 15
Joseph 12
Calvillo 10

least amount of INT's:

Calvillo 4
Joseph 6
Glenn 6
Ray 6
Burris 6


Ray 2,070 ( after only 6 games )
Dickenson 1,972
Glenn 1,814
Burris 1,773
Joseph 1,713 ( after only 6 games )

note: KJ is averaging 285.5 yards per game...if u add that to his current total, since he's played one less game than everyone else, he has 1,998, which puts him 2nd place.

**KJ is on pace to have 5,139 yards passing and 903 yards rushing.

looks very good for KJ :wink: but i think Kerry can play much better and he still wasnt had that game yet where he looks comfortable IMO :cowboy:

i see people are so suprised, they dont know what to say…lol


Calvillo, Dickenson and Ricky Ray are better than Joseph.

Then it's a bit foggy between Maas, Old man Allen, Glenn, Jospeh and Burris.

So Joseph is somewhere between 4th and 8th best QB in the league. He sure ain't in the top 3. :wink:

i agree hes not as good as dickenson, ray or calvillo...but hes better than people think.

this season hes better than maas or burris

If RR is a better QB, then why are the Esks in last place? Ray seems to have some of his touch, he is not finishing off drives. This year he is definitely not one the top 3 QBs in this league.

joseph hasnt had as much success in the past, partly cuz he was with ottawa....but his stats show he is in the top 3 this year....hes gotta be earning the respect of his critics, no?

People, please. You seem to be forgetting some very important football truths.

The most important stat there is, is winning. Joseph has yet to win an important game. Yes, it could be because he was in Ottawa. Still, Ray has won 2 Grey Cups, so despite early difficulties on the Esks' side, you can't say Joseph is better than Ray.

Second, you can be a very good QB even though you do not win big games, but in that case, you have to have super stats: Dickenson or Payton Manning. Joseph doesn't have "super stats".

Also, did you just forget about last week's pathetic offensive display from Joseph's Riders against the Argos? Oh! He scored some points with 2 minutes left, hardly enough to win, and hardly enough to classify him as a top QB. :cowboy:

514 by your logic then we should start crandell over kj because he won a grey cup and was even mvp. wow what a post!

GIVER, you know what I'm talking about.

I guess I should've added another line to make sure Columbos' like yourself didn't only read what they wanted to.

So, I will specify, "a QB that has won an important game recently".

Crandell won once, several years ago. Ray won twice, including last year. Happy now? :roll:

Take Calvillo. He's had great stats for years, but was always questionned in Montreal because he didn't win the big game. And, when he won the big game, he was criticized because he had only won it once.

And you're telling me that Joseph 3-3 record with the Riders make him a top 3 QB of the CFL.

I have a better idea, let's wait until he proves himself.


sorry 514,
i just had to, it was right there out in the open! but i do know what you mean.

ps. it's no his record it's sask's and
his stats make his no.3 THIS SEASON

Joseph's stats look better because he hasn't played the Bomber D yet! :twisted:

But all joking aside I have been quite surprised by how impressive KJ has looked so far. He has had some trouble with fumbles but has otherwise looked pretty darn good.

And to think we could have easily had him here in Hamilton. Rob Katz will be history shortly in this town for sure.

Based on early performance, Joseph deserves to be in the top 3. But this is not new for Joseph. Even in Ottawa, he played well in the first half of seasons but tend to decline in the second half. More games and time will provide better information to judge.

Wins shouldn't be used to judge quarterbacks because wins come from a team effort. Or combination of offense, defense and special teams. Why should quarterbacks get all the credit for a win or all the blame for a loss?

Agreed. I always thought Joseph was a pretty decent QB, and his stats so far show that.

Wins are a team effort, and I don't think Sask has had that tough a time scoring, it's the points against where they've been hurt...alot.

When the Riders posters were calling for Joseph's head after the first game, I pointed out it was the defense that was the problem, not Joeseph. Same in the first Calgary game. SCoring hasn't been a problem. Defense has.

Lets see if he can keep this pace up.

Last year Glenn finished 4th in QB rating, and 3rd (I believe) in TD's, yet I doubt too many were calling him a top end QB. Point being that personal stats don't always tell how a QB is doing overall. Joseph is another one of those mid-level QB's with potential, that still has to put together a winning season in order to get the critics off his back. His stats have been impressive thus far, but there's still a long way to go (likewise for Glenn).

There is a reason why KJ declines as games pile-up. He's too predictable.

He either throws the ball, or runs with it, or gives the ball to a running back. No wonder defenses have the better of him for the second half of the season. :smiley:

The Calgary defense was mostly responsible for the 2001 win.
Joseph is a good one and will only get better with time.
If I was going to the Grey Cup next week and I could pick my QB from who's presently available,I would have to go with Calvillo. He's got an accurate arm,he moves the pocket around quite well and he scrambles when necessary.Not to take anything away from the other QB's in the League but A.C. would be my choice as of right now.

Well, what else is a QB supposed to do? Stick the ball down his pants? :roll: