Kerry Johnson, Chijoke?

Kerry Johnson is now available since the All American Football league did not go through.

Chijoke Onyenegecha still remains unsigned.. Now we do have a lot of time before camp opens up, and Taman is an extremely busy man, but I am starting to get a little ancy with these guys on the market still.

Kerry Johnson showed he had very sure hands, and could get open. A deadly combination. He picked up some yards after the catch as well. This guy could be a very good reciever in this league in the future, and could be a thousand yarder if given the chance after milt retires.

I'd Love to see:

as the line up if a canuck pans out at safety.

This would give Kevin 5 very sure handed recievers that know how to get open.. Which would make his quick release very effective, and we could see an even better offense in 08.

As for Chijoke he had some very key knock downs last year and, well he sure is a physical guy with some good speed. covers very well to.. and very good size. He's shown he can be a good DB in this league and may be a great DB in this league with some more experiance. He provides excellent depth in the secondary as well. I sure hope he's back.

I've emailed Bendan asking him about these two.. Hopefully he replies.