Kerry Joesph

This guy deserves to start Not be platuned with bishop. I Presonally think that Either Bishop or Joesph will be traded by the end season. Cause they are both in the prime and both want to start.

I seriously doubt they will trade one during the season given the way QBs can go down in this league. Besides, the only team that has a starting QB issue on paper is the Riders, and Joseph ain't going back there at his new coin after Tillman's SMS dump of his salary. Also, signing Joseph to the big deal then shipping him doesn't make trade sense for other teams unless they want to run into cap problems.

The only other team that might take a flyer on Bishop would be the Als perhaps if somehow they found themselves down to a #3 QB on their chart -- and then why would the Blue Team help a rival out for a possible playoff run??

We will see offseason in 2009 what shakes down. I do agree with the consensus that rotating these guys isn't likely going to work in the long term. Someone is going to have to be the backup.

Oski Wee Wee,

I could see the als trying to pick up bishop. Calvio Isn't getting younger. I do agree that is more likely to happen in the off season then regular season.