Kerry Carter released....

Well another veteran has gotten the axe. Im guessing the Alouettes are really high on Lavoie. Good luck Kerry for the future, and thank you very much for those extra yards we always needed. I will always remember you for ur play in the 4th quarter in the 2010 Grey Cup. :rockin:

This is a bit of a surprise, not for Carter`s skill level, but for his experience in a fairly complex Alouette offense. It is probably as most veteran cuts are, salary related.

Unless Trestman and Popp invested with Carter also. :slight_smile:

Popp tells Didier on RDS that job not necessarily Lavoie`s yet, there is also Diedrick, Giffin, and Bedard.

Not a surprise to me. After the Desrivaux thing last year. He will show up in Toronto or Hamilton.

Agreed. That was a Huge play even if it didn’t get us any points. It kept ssk in their zone and the D did the rest.

A Lavoie playing for the alouettes. I can imagine a certain someone being thrilled out of his mind. :slight_smile:

Didn't he also have a crucial two-point convert in the 4th quarter of the 2009 Grey Cup? Either way, I'm sad to see him go, but he wasn't impressive last season, and it's time to get younger at fullback.

He's a big talent but as his outside business interrests have grown. I think his off season program might have suffered. There is also a substantial cost saving for the Als. When you can't make a trade for a player of that calibre, it means he's making "big" dollars...

That's absolutely correct. He earned his 2 rings for sure. :thup: