Keron Williams

Selon TSN, Keron Williams veut aller tâter le pouls du marché. À moins qu'il ne s'agisse d'une simple tactique pour faire monter l'offre de Wally (on sait déjà qu'il est un peu pingre), voilà un revirement de situation qui ne devrait pas échapper à Popp. Mais peut-être le sait-il déjà...

Would be amazing to have Keron back. You never know jim has done miracles. Who ever thought we would sign Dwight Anderson a few years ago. I think Keron left on good terms. He got more money in Bc ces tout !

Je doute que Keron Williams soit dans les plans de Jim Popp.


He had a very average season last year and BC was paying him top bucks. Good guy who could replace Moton Hopkins at the right price.

With Shea possibly heading home it might be wiser to spend more and bring Ted Laurent home.

I'd bring him back for less money and with the understanding that he's start at tackle, not end. He had success in the interior of the line, not off the edge, and we need help at tackle. But like Richard, I don't see Popp being that interested in Williams TBH.