Kernaghan Article: Pan Am Costs Over Budget

This article titled "Pan Am costs over budget" by John Kernaghan in the Hamilton Spectator today reports that the City of Hamilton "is already preparing for higher costs than budgeted for the Pan Am Stadium" for the West Harbour site due to higher than expected costs of land acquisition, servicing and remediation and the city asked financial consultant Deloitte Canada to make a business case for the city to take to other levels of government and the private sector in the search for additional funding.

Councillor Bob Bratina believes that the parcel of land around Sir John A Macdonald Secondary School may be a more cost efficient site for the new stadium due to less land assembly and remediation. He believes that a new secondary school can be built near Central Park for about $25 Million.

At least they are thinking :thup:

What about Confederation Park? Easy access (QEW, Red Hill X) and railway nearby (CN). No need to clean acquire or clean up the land. Perfect spot. Only because the councilor does not want anything to do with a stadium in his riding that it was taken off the table. Shows how much City Hall knows about creating a legacy project. The scratch my back and I will scratch yours mentality at City Hall will doom this project. IMO, Hamilton needs to clean house with all of the councilors at City Hall and get people in there that have foresight into what the city of Hamilton will look like in the near and distant future and not some windbag that is only concerned about being re-elected to the next term.


Surprise Surprise Surprise.... No wait

It's no surprise for as long as i can remember .. it happened in BC .. it happened in all sorts of games before .. everytime they get started ( in this case havn't even started yet) you hear we are going to be over budget..


Everyone underestimates and put out lowball bids to win the jobs .. then the contracts get sisgned and before ya know it WHAM SURPRISE we lied it will cost more

The City of Hamilton can't make it mind on anything ..
This one more Reason The Stadium should be Put in Aldershot .
They City of hamilton if They Want to keep The Football Team beter make up it Mind now.
Burlington City Government is Much More Decisive .
Also The Spot is Near the Via Station at the 403 has Access to Trains Lots of Parking.
Buses for People in Waterdown and Hamilton only 1 Transfer is need to Board the Burlington Bus
Also it will Help to make Rob MacIsaac Vision of a 1 Fair System to be come acitve.

Wow, its time to call your councillors Hamilton and keep this ball rolling. I for one think the stadium should be in Hamilton and I don’t even live in the city.
Doc 8)

It shouldn't come as a surprise to any of us that we're over budget before this scary project even gets off the ground.

I don't like the city core as a site, but I like Brattina's idea much more than the West Harbour Front. At least traffic will have a chance to get in and out, and a new school gets built for $25 million.

I am on record and remain so, in saying that I favour the Airport Lands above all others.

Remember the famous bicycle races in Hamilton a few years ago that Bill Kelly, as a city councillor and a few others pushed so hard, saying they would bring millions of dollars of revenue to the city? Well, long after the fact, it came out that our loss on that crazy event was in the neighbourhood of two million dollars. I wasted an entire night at a meeting called by Kelly in an east mountain school to discuss the pros and cons of this event when finally, we found out the meeting was really called to tell the public how this committee would run the event. The meeting was totally unnecessary because the races were a done deal before the meeting ever came to fruition. The public had no say at this meeting what so ever. Many people stormed out in anger and I was among them.

Shortly afterward, Kelly was tucked safely away in CHML blaming every one else for the gross errors that take place in this city. I notice he never speaks anymore about the bicycle races.

I am preparing myself to expect the worst on this stadium fiasco, but I'm hoping that cooler minds prevail and we get value for monies spent.

Maybe this is why the City of Hamilton is now going to tax you for the rain water that hits your shingles and goes into your eavestroughs. :roll:

unbelievable! They ask people to conserve water and then they figure out it lowers revenues from water and sewage bills so some wizard down there at City hall goes.....let's tax the rain ! (I'm sure the flooded out people can hardly wait to pay tax for the joy of having floodwater in their basements)..... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

And people think they are going to run this stadium deal smoothly? Good luck!

The City should hand 60 million in trust to Bob Young along with 5 possible locations, forget it after that and get back to fixing roads and snow plowing.

Leave business to business people.

Your a geek! They do not tax out on that. They tax you 2 times for the water comming in your house one is for delivery one for disposal, they don’t have a meter on your houses sewer drain! So all the rain water you want can go down there!
And, if you live in an older house, 90% of the rain drains go, out to the storm sewers!:slight_smile: