Kepley resigns

Little surprised by this news... :expressionless:

That is a surprise. One thing about Kepley is that he is a fighter thru thick and thin. As for Dan Kepley :thup: in my books and great player on the football field as well.

I have a feeling that they opened the door (figuratively speaking) and they kindly kicked him out the door.

he was one of Maciocia’s sad sack coaches.

from what I could see, he was one of the guys that needed to go…

Looking over football operations, I wonder if Defensive Backs coach Stacey Hairston will have added responsibilities now with Kep out of the picture.

ya, cause Lord knows that the current mess was caused by Dan Kepley... :roll:

Agreed. Reading comments from EE fans prior to this, he was one of the popular coaches and a guy many wanted to take over the team on an interm basis until a new GM comes in. Been with the franchise so long that they couldn't fire him without a backlash.

So he "resigned" instead.

He was generally the only coach we had who actually spoke to player's on the sidelines, he must have had some wisdom to share so what makes you think he wasn't good? Or is this yet another attempt to stick it to the city you live in?

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The warrior Dan Kepley; did not see eye to eye with Mo Lloyd on the field and likely not in the dressing room as well. The Eskimo hole is way deeper than one can imagine? Yep

Dan Kepley has issues that are very personal and also have come out in the open in the past.

he used to be a coach with the local Junior Huskies football team before he became a coach with the Eskimos.

he got fired from that job because of some "racial" issues that were making the team look bad.

he was warned by the team management to stop but it didn't. so to save face and avoid a huge debacle they fired him.

the guy is not a very nice person. he has caused a lot of problems within the dressing room (MO Lloyd to be one) and he's a little nuts.

btw, I know of this story because my father knows people who used to work with the Huskies and they were there when this all was going on. so this is not made up.

hit-em-hard made similar comments, so I'll tell you what I told him...

so your dad knows a guy who knows a guy... not really what I'd call rock hard evidence mate! I know Danny Ray... and there are some very different sides to the things you say. But the one thing I really take offense to is that you have the gall to say he isn't a nice person based only on hearsay. DRK is a very warm, kind and gentle person.

Kepley's resignation sounds a sad death knell for Eskimo Tradition.

If you haven't yet read this article by Curtis Stock you should.

Take note of the part about how Mo Lloyd went running to Hall rather than talk to his LB coach. Kep may have had ties to DM, but the guy was the last of the heart and soul of the Esks. And for him to have been treated the way he was is shameful

Now the guy who replaces Dan K is another outlaw-type.. at least based on why he resigned from his college job 3 weeks ago.
It's not multiple impaired driving charges and given the stench in US big-time college football it's small potatoes. but. .again, not The Eskimo Way
Even worse - another former Stampeder.. Ugh..

here's the story from the News&Observer

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The Eskimo brass are full aware of M. Nelson's violation as stated in the end of this article in his own words.

I'm sure Kep is not the only coach to be let go others will follow , Kep is a great man and an awesome player but it dosn't always translate into a good coach , since he has taken over the LB's seem to be on a steady decline . We won't find anyone with a bigger heart and love for the EE but it is time for the Change it's the ugly side of sports .
Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the game , good luck in your future endeavors . :thup: :thup: :thup:

I am just curious, in a different thread you suggested that you did not get a fair chance to play for the Huskies due to a dispute with the Huskies coach and your father. Is there perhaps and connection between Kepley as the Huskies coach and your perhaps irrational hatred towards the Eskimos?

I just read the story on Kepley , I know it was written by a friend of his but I felt sick to my stomach, thinking this once great organization would do this to one of it's all time great players. What the Hell has happened to this Team It's obvious that Rick Lalachear has no clue in what he's doing by firing coaches without a new GM. DUMB!!!
I hope the fans come out the next game and show some support for Kepley .

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Here's another article that may help oilerrocker. Player changes will be forth coming at some point with NFL cuts. One concern is the O-line. As for Mo Lloyd; Esks have until or just before Labour Day if they plan on releasing or trading him.

With no disrespect intended to Esks fans, and to long-time Esks fans in particular, Kepley sounds like a complete wingnut whose day is long gone. And being a great player doesn't necessarily or even often mean you'll be a great coach. And the initial article is written by a friend of his; it's composed of nothing but feel-good personal anecdotes that have zero to do with whether or not Kepley is a good coach.

I believe, no, I know (because I've heard him say it) that a certain Mr. Gass would disagree. AJ saw Kep not only as a good coach and mentor, but as an inspiration. Great MLBs are always a bit off their nut... and sometimes it takes one to understand one. I truly believe that Kep was pushing Mo Lloyd and Mo figured he didn't need the help. Getting away with that kind of disrespect wasn't accepted within the Esks a while back. Now it is.

Yeah, there was plenty of feel good in that article. But there was also a lot of truth.