Keon Lyn, broken leg

Tiger-Cats rookie defensive back Keon Lyn suffered a broken femur against Edmonton, per sources.

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FYI - Femur is your thigh bone

get better soon Keon Lyn

Horrible injury, tough break for a guy who was getting his shot. Very innocent looking play to have your season end.
It happened right in front of me. Willis from Edm was frantically waving for the trainers. All players both teams immediately took a knee. You could tell it was a serious injury.
Heal up 100% Lyn!!

I have to admit, I immediately thought it was an ACL tear.

I feel awful for the guy.

Only silver in this cloud is that the break will heal and Lyn won’t have to do 12 months of rehab and therapy. In fact, if there is no muscle damage, and no surgery required, he could even return this year. Not counting on it, but possible.

Identical thought. Weird to see this diagnosis as good news.