Kentucky elementary football cancelled due to parents' behaviour

They're KIDS, dammit!

The remainder of the Whitley County elementary football season has been cancelled.

Whitley County Superintendent John Siler confirmed Wednesday that the remaining games of the season—which were scheduled for Thursday and Tuesday—will no longer be played. According to Siler, the decision to cancel the games is due to a number of reports of spectators at games making threats and creating a hostile atmosphere for others.

The conduct at some games has gotten bad enough that law enforcement was asked to be present at recent games.

Siler said that the district felt there was a very real possibility that something could happen and felt it was in the best interest of students and parents to forfeit the rest of the season.

“We always put the safety our students first, whether it’s in the classroom or the playing field. And, unfortunately, over the past couple of weeks several spectators’ behavior was not appropriate for our school setting. Those folks were asked not to return,” said Siler. “Then last night at one of our elementary football game, we had some more spectator behavior that created an environment that we do not want our young kids to be around.

“So, I met with some of the district athletic directors and spoke to a couple of the principals who have been at these games and they all voiced some concerns with some things that were going on. And it’s not everybody by any means, but we just felt like it was best to end the season now.”

As of now, the elementary girls basketball season will continue as planned and the elementary boys basketball season is still scheduled to start as normal in November.

Siler also noted that the district currently plans to move forward with elementary football next year, though it will still be contingent on spectator behavior.

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That's too bad.

Some parents still live vicariously through their kids.

I thought youth sports (4-12) was supposed to be about fun and learning life skills.

Too bad some parents still don't have a life skill of being responsible and respectful to others.


oh god do i have stories..

i occasionally volunteer with high school, jr and peewee amateur football and i go watch a lot of youth games. my son played local high school football.

i mean, just last weekend at peewee level (age 10-11) football, i saw some d-bag dad smacking his kids helmet and yelling at him at halftime - DON’T BE THIS GUY!

i’ve seen parents get into fights, parents try to fight opposing players or coaches, parents assault refs, etc…

that being said, i can also say from experience that amateur hockey parents are by far the worst.

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heh they live vicariously because of their own failed sports careers and fragile egos.

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So why pass that part to their kids?

I have my kids in lacrosse year round.

I do push my kids , reason being I wasn't able to play sports continuesly, but only as far as they want to go.

The rest is up to them and that's okay.

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exactly that! :+1:t3:

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I run the scoreboard at my school and our press box is above where the parents sit.

Every play is missed holding.

The refs never call egregious fouls against our players but they always call it when our player merely taps one of theirs.

Every call goes the other way.

Every ref is paid off.


One of my teammates Dad's used to go to games with a megaphone. It was kinda funny.

all parents live vicariously through their children in sports their kids play...only the asshats and total jerks act the way these people did and stopped the kids form having fun. I coached girls soccer for a decade...some parents had to be asked NOT to attend under threat of being arrested. One guy I had to tell i would pound the crap out of I ever saw him again. But he did get arrested on some other charges unrelated to his kids and went back to jail for breaking parole.